Meet our new Destinian, Roma

A warm welcome to our new Destinian! His name is Hoang Phan but he usually goes by the name Roma. Roma is one of our newest colleagues at Dstny and is now a part of our internal technical support team, called ICT. Roma came to Sweden with his mother and younger sister in March and … Continue

Snom to engage in strategic partnership with Dstny for Service Providers

With the acquisition of Telepo from Mitel in the summer of 2021, Dstny is the largest European-based cloud communications solutions provider offering a complete business communication solution as a service and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) platforms. Named by Frost & Sullivan as one of Europe’s most innovative UCaaS leaders, the organisation provides services to over 20 service providers and carriers like Telia, Tele2, T-Mobile and Dstny Group in the EMEA region, serving over 2 million B2B users daily.

Get to know Jonas Klang – Head of People & Culture

Jonas Klang is 46 years old, has 2 kids, and lives in Mölnycke, Sweden. He loves running, shoes, ties, while also being engaged in his kids different sports activities. He has a background in finance from university and has worked a lot within customer service, sales and finance. During the last 8 years he has … Continue

The future IoT trends to keep track of in 2022

In a connected world, one would think that the Pandemic would have seized power from the development of IoT as we were adamant about social distancing. However, IoT actually saw a boom in different fields relating to the pandemic, such as enabling remote work and safe methods in healthcare. Therefore, we thought that it would … Continue

Operator Connect: How Carriers Can Overcome the Challenges

Microsoft validates the quality of the service by ensuring that carriers go through a comprehensive certification process. This process is complex and time-consuming as there are a number of significant technical elements that need to be in place and tested, as well as a need for the carrier to evidence that their solution and processes meet Microsoft’s pre-requisites.