Analytics and​ Data-analysis

Embrace the analytics trend and offer data-driven analysis to your customers.

Offering a way to track internal data across platforms should be a priority

Give customers clarity across all of their data, regardless of the source

The ways in which we communicate are becoming more capable and more complex. Businesses are realizing their need for a single solution that helps them understand their internal data.

As industries become more data-driven it is crucial for you to give these businesses a way to gather up information and gain actionable insights from it.

Help businesses understand their communications

Clear, simple and accessible analytics provides results

An understanding of internal communication is now more important than ever. We can help you provide a modular analytics solution that can draw data from multiple platforms at once.

Enable your customers to truly understand how they communicate and in turn give them maximum availability and efficiency, both internally and externally.

Decision makers don't want to guess anymore

Businesses are recognizing the vital role of actionable internal analytics tools. Decision makers now understand the significance of data-driven insights, and you have the opportunity to provide them. With the emergence of new communication solutions and channels in the market, the challenge of tracking and optimizing communication methods has grown significantly. Providing understandable and accessible data is the key to ensuring efficient communication in a rapidly evolving landscape.

What do the experts say?

We are surrounded by data but starved for insights.
Jay Baer - Marketing and Customer Experience Expert


One platform, endless data possibilitites.  Empower your customers to improve decision making and streamline efficiency, with clear data around business operations. Adding your data into our Analytics platforms brings your customers several ways to interact with their data. Let the customer choose the level of detail to reflect their needs and assist them in finding actionable data, interpreted into their operations​.

Our market-leading multi-modular technology excels in real-time and historic data collection, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer communication. This approach not only enhances customer insights but also leverages the scale advantages and cost savings of a unified platform solution. Because Dstny Analytics is multi-modular you can build it your way and tailor the insights you provide.



Get maximum reach of the insights provided from Analytics
Experience the power of Analytics seamlessly integrated within ConnectMe; the end user communication and collaboration platform. Access Dstny Analytics directly in the ConnectMe interface. No more switching between platforms - get a quick, comprehensive overview and dive deep into critical data. Elevate your insights and stay ahead in the market.

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