CX and AI

Make Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence your competitive advantage.

Customer experience is the true differentiator and it can be supercharged with AI


Stay ahead of your competition

With cutting edge technology

As a technology, AI has recently seen explosive growth and it can help you provide immediate, seamless and powerful enhancements which can be added to existing solutions.

With artificial intelligence you can allow business to provide cutting edge customer service and bring all of their channels into one continuum with maximum agility, reliability and reachability.

CX is a competitive advantage

Both for service providers and end customers.  In today's highly competitive business landscape, Customer Experience (CX) has emerged as a powerful differentiator. Exceptional CX goes beyond merely satisfying customers; it creates loyal advocates who spread the word about their positive interactions. This ripple effect enhances brand reputation, fosters customer retention, and attracts new business.

Companies that prioritize CX are better equipped to meet the evolving expectations of modern consumers. They understand that seamless, personalized, and convenient interactions are key to success. By investing in CX, organizations gain a competitive edge, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately thrive in a market where exceptional experiences are the currency of choice.


AI can help you provide unbeatable customer service

AI gives you the ability to go one step further
Technology is becoming the key differentiator when it comes to the customer journey. You can combine the Dstny ecosystem to roll out an effective AI solution without the complexity or the cost.

What does the experts say?

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is the future of customer service.
Forbes - 2023


Effective resource allocation, supercharged by AI
There is a growing need to centralize all channels, allowing businesses to support customers when they need it most. With Omnichannel, all communication channels are gathered in the same interface. As an AI-powered solution, it can help to create effortless workflows for your customers.​

CRM Connect

Empower smarter working
Transform your customer experience with our CRM integration – your gateway to optimizing collaboration without compromise. From its effortless setup and streamlined management to its flexible capabilities which boost value, our solution is designed to empower smarter working.


The only Dstny end user entry-point​
Optimize customer satisfaction with our user-friendly platform, compatible across all devices. Benefit from fast and secure access, seamlessly integrated calls and chats, and versatile omnichannel features. Elevate customer experiences effortlessly with our integrated AI powered chatbot.

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