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Accelerate your B2B growth with Dstny's FMC product; Converge.

True native mobility

Fixed Mobile Convergence
With Dstny Converge, Service Providers can meet the market needs for a mobile-first solution. Let your end-users fixed and mobile extensions work as a single unit, making their entire PBX available from anywhere through the mobile phone.

Benefits of FMC for Service Providers


Increased value

Early adoption is critical to maximize the value addition

Expand proposition

Meet existing and future RFP demand by expanding your core proposition

Delight customers

Quick enablement through self-service without complicated airtime packages

FMC for MvNOs and UCaaS

With FMC, MvNOs can expand their Total Addressable Market by providing subscriber increase and uplift APRU by to 50%. It will broaden the existing proposition and can help increase partner driven sales.

What Dstny Converge delivers


UCaaS and PBX agnostics

The user extension on any UCaaS and PBX can be accessed using the standard registration method, which is available natively on mobile devices and provides end-users with all the standard telephony and PBX features.

Global Cloud Service

Our platform can achieve global scalability and international data segregation by utilizing either public or private cloud infrastructure, which allows for elasticity and adaptability to changing demands.

MvNO Agnostic

By initially integrating with an M(v)NO using a SIP trunk, our solution can be seamlessly integrated without the need for complex IMS integrations, which can significantly reduce time-to-market.

What is FMC?

Fixed Mobile Convergence

Without FMC, a user would have a work landline number and a second mobile number so they can be reached when they are away from the office. If someone tries to reach them, then they would probably phone the office number first then need to call separately on a mobile number, and others in the office would have no idea if they were on a mobile call.

With FMC, a user has a single work number, that’s connected through business communications system to any desk phones and also a dedicated SIM in their mobile phone. When someone calls their work number or extension, the FMC service takes call to the SIM card in the phone and the user can make and receive calls just like a traditional phone on their desk, using their work extension or work phone number. With true line state and presence, colleagues can even see a user is free or on a call when using their FMC-connected mobile phone.

"I’m going out for lunch, but I’m taking the PBX with me"

With Fixed Mobile Convergence, workforces can be available in the office phone system, even when they are out and about.

Presence and line-state

Provide the right information about end-users availability

Regardless of if team members are using a mobile phone, a web phone, a Softphone or a desk phone, they will get the true line-state and presence of your colleagues. If they call a mobile number, but the recipient is busy talking on their landline number, the caller will hear that the person is busy in another call. And regardless of what device they use, they will know what presence the colleague is set to.

True mobility – natively mobile

The market is evolving rapidly towards mobile-enabled businesses and users, and implementing this can be costly and time-intensive.

Make peoples workdays truly mobile with a communication system that is integrated natively into the mobile phone. Provide mobility, without forgoing quality or functionality. Dstny’s FMC proposition allows Service Providers to deploy high-quality mobile communication with a fast time to market, capturing growth opportunities today & tomorrow.

Effortless to activate and easy to use

Automated end-customer onboarding
Provide a simple customer journey for your end-users. Existing UCaaS APIs can be used to provide a joined-up journey for the customer admin and the end-user.

Seamless e-commerce journey

The customer journey will start on your website, with the ability to select the users, choose the appropriate plan for respective users, mobile contract sign, payment and order.
FMC-onboarding screens

Sim delivery and activation

Once the eSIM is ready, the end-user goes through simple steps for activating and registrating their device in no-time.

Key drivers changing the market

4 key changes that will accelerate the speed of adoption of FMC

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is creating a new market opportunity

Mobile innovation

Technology enablers are pushing mobile-first way of working

Business compliance

Hybrid working has changes requirements of compliance and privacy

Work from anywhere

Expectancy from workforce to work from anywhere with a seamless experience

What is Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)?

We are living in a golden age of mobility where as we go about our lives there are only rare occasions where we are not connected. There are obvious upsides and downsides to always being reachable, but for businesses looking to build on a work-from-anywhere culture, constant reachability is swiftly becoming a crucial must-have. 

Revolutionizing communication: Exploring the game-changing potential of FMC

Let’s face it, our mobile phones goes where we go. We use it to find our way, we use it to pay bills, we use it to keep in touch with loved ones, we use it as a flashlight and a camera. It acts as our alarm clock and there are apps to help us sleep. Most of us even bring it with us to the bathroom. Why should our workday be any different?

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