Less gas - more gears

A winding road to success

Team spirit, hard work and constantly striving to progress. The list could go on and on when it comes to mentioning things that united us at Dstny to pro cycling. That is why we have chosen to be a co-name sponsor for the Lotto Dstny cycling team. We both want to shape a better future, develop, and of course win!

Important placements 2024

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Upcoming important races


29/6 - 21/7

Tour de France

17/8 - 8/9

Vuelta a España
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Tour of Leuven

Win big with Dstny during Tour de France!

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Amazing Arnaud De Lie!

Winner of Belgian Championship
Amazing Arnaud De Lie and Lotto Dstny Cycling Team! 🏆 De Lie outsprinted everyone on Sunday June 23rd on Belgian men's road race championship, a monumental win for the team right before the Tour de France! This victory is even more remarkable given De Lie's challenging spring. He missed much of the season after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. "Mentally, it was really tough, but I also drew a lot of strength from it. A huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. I'm going to enjoy this so much," he said, holding back tears.

Gear up!

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Dstny - Wheels of Connection

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The Lotto Dstny team – an impressive 37-year-old story

The Lotto Dstny is a Belgian professional cycling team at UCI WorldTeam level. The first Lotto team, managed by Walter Godefroot and his deputy Patrick Lefevere, saw the light of day in 1985. Lotto has been a main sponsor of a professional cycling team since 1985, and now, 2022 we at Dstny aslo step in as a top sponsor. More than a thousand professional road races have been won since the team was founded, including 78 stages in Tour, Giro and Vuelta. The team earns respect because of its fighting spirit, its sympathetic image and its sense of responsibility. Year after year, new young male and female riders get opportunities within the different teams.

Moving forward

Commitment in everything we do
When sitting still is becoming more and more common, we at Dstny want to move. Move forward, move faster, move towards a better and healthier world. We encourage our staff to be as committed to their health as they are to their jobs. Whether it is cycling, dancing, running, lifting weights or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, we cheer, because all movement forward is good movement. And we are committed to keep moving.

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Dstny’s Remarkable Year in Review

As we approach the end of this cycling season, it’s with great pride and admiration that we reflect on this years journey. Dstny’s sponsorship of the Lotto Dstny cycling team has not only been a source of immense pride for our company, but it’s also been a testament to the power of teamwork, resilience, and dedication.

A peek into the World of Professional Cycling

Welcome to a new season of thrilling sprints, heartbreaking crashes, teeth shattering cobbles and glorious mountains. Today, we're taking you behind the scenes of the training camp in Spain, and we are taking a closer look at some of the changes for the upcoming season.