Call2Teams Go

A cost effective Teams voice integration

Call2Teams Go is a platform-agnostic, cloud-based, middleware solution that connects existing telephony systems to a Microsoft Teams client via Direct Routing, without the need to add additional user licenses.


Native to Teams

When we say we’re native, we mean it.

Every action and voice experience stays within Teams. Other
solutions promote being native to Teams, however, typically the voice experience will exit Teams and enter a 3rd party application.

Why is native so important?

  • Native connectivity and QoS attributes – It’s a true Teams call
  • Native interaction with other Teams users (incl. transfer etc)
  • Native ability to move devices within a Teams call
  • Native Presence
  • Native call history and voicemail

Comparatively lower cost vs alternatives

Improved total cost of ownership

  • Voice-enables Teams with simpler licensing requirements.
  • Compliments your Call2Teams PBX license
  • Is self-service in the Call2Teams portal
  • Comes with effortless installation, no operational disruption
  • Delivers simpler licensing management
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Why Call2Teams Go?

The only truly native client companion for Microsoft Teams.

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Native to Teams

Call2Teams Go works within and enhances the core Teams platform, by providing a rich, native calling experience.

Enrich your proposition

Call2Teams Go provides multiple modes to create competitive advantage and give options on Go-to-Market speed.

Expand your Markets

Using Call2Teams Go can help unlock markets and customers otherwise unreachable due to cost barriers.
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Reduce churn

Defend your customer base from moving to Teams with a solution that provides an even richer Teams Integration.

Cost of ownership

Reduce costs and keep core voice calling capability without the addition of unnecessary licenses.

Call2Teams Go is a true value add

From service providers to end users – everyone benefits.



Call2Teams Go creates an opportunity to sell a Teams native voice integration into cost sensitive markets and verticals, such as public sector.

Optimized for


End Customers

Call2Teams Go provides all the integration necessary for a quality voice calling experience for the business, minus the need for a Microsoft Phone System license.

Native voice,
without the


End Users

A seamless telephony experience enabling users to make and receive PSTN calls natively, without the need for switching out of Microsoft Teams.

as usual

All the core features you would expect

from a native Teams experience

Integrated Dial Pad

  • Enter number in any format
  • Use keyboard or mouse to enter number
  • Click to call or press enter on keyboard
  • Backspace or clear number entered in dial pad
  • ‘My number’ clearly indicated in dial pad

Active Management

  • Transfers – Blind & Consultative transfers to Teams users and blind transfers to PSTN. Type a number or search for a contact
  • Hold/Resume – Hold the active call and resume when ready
  • 1-1 Call Recording, transcription and closed captions
  • Multiway calling including call recording and transcription
  • Active call management with Call2Teams Go is easily performed across desktop, browser and mobile

Powerful Contacts List

  • Full name and number in contacts list
  • Contacts reflects Outlook contacts
  • Add contacts within Call2Teams Go – these will populate your Outlook contacts
  • Edit and Delete your contacts made in Call2Teams Go
  • Make a call straight from contacts
  • Search contacts by name or number

Powerful Call History

  • Search call history by name or number
  • Filter by missed, incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call directly from contact / number in call history
  • Calls filtered by day – today, yesterday, older