Unified Communications as a Service to increase scalability and flexibility. 

Dstny UCaaS

Cloud Communications and collaboration platform
Scalability, cost savings, flexibility, communication, collaboration, improved customer experience, and integration with other business applications – all at your fingertips.

What do the experts say?

Core business requirements live on, but new use cases will drive industry evolution.Different UC capabilities are gaining appeal among organizations of all sizes, industries and world regions, and are creating new levels of competition for communications providers.
Frost & Sullivan - Evaluating Mobile Communications Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce
May 2022

The Telecoms landscape is changing

The move to cloud is accelerating, as is the convergence.

The move to cloud

Big moves from expensive and slow-moving on-premise CapEx heavy solutions, to a cloud, evergreen SaaS OpeX model.

Customers expecting more

Companies prioritize personalized service, efficient support, and transparent pricing to enhance customer experience.

IT/Telecoms convergence

New tech like AI is entering the market together with mobility and BYOD, to become smarter, more efficient, and more personalized.

The rise of communication and collaboration

The expectations of both users and businesses are evolving which is creating a market shift. Workforces expect to have a hybrid workplace with true mobility. Users also prefer a familiar, simple, and intuitive that enables efficient task completion. And Service Providers, on their hand, need agility in their products so that they can adjust to market changes.

Key considerations when looking at a UC platform

Is branding an important part of your proposition? Do you want to sell products and solutions as you own, in your own brand? Or is co-branding what you want? The Dstny products are completely customizable so that Service Providers can brand them to their specific needs.

New mobile opportunities are emerging, and companies need to move with these growing trends of mobility. With an FMC proposition, end-users will get native calling capabilities and companies can save on cost with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy.

Consider having a platform that ‘plays well with others’. Integrations such as CRM integrations, Analytics and Omnichannel will create resilience and scalability.

Having a platform provider with a development roadmap that aligns to market drivers is of big importance. We deliver fast way to new innovations while, at the same time, establishing a relationship with our Service Providers.

Consider the time to market the UC provider can help you deliver. How fast do you need to reach your market with your services? It is equally important to work with a platform provider that has a roadmap build to serve the market changes.

Do you want a UCaaS solution that will take your portfolio to the next level?

Dstny UCaaS can meet bespoke branding needs, is mobile first, and has an exciting development roadmap.

Brand. Launch. Grow.

Take full control of the UCaaS experience and deliver a unique solution to resellers and end customers. We provide a fully brandable and customizable​ products to fit your brand. Take advantage of the full suite of products available to tailor the right solution to end customers. Easily deployed and managed. Carrier grade service and development with enterprise level support. We work with you to develop a world class solution that truly adds value​.


Highly scalable and capable to accommodate business growth. Regardless of user base or functionality, Dstny can support to ensure present and future needs are met.

Cost Savings

Removing the need for on-prem hardware and infrastructure will significantly reduce costs. We recognize some may require migration, which we are experts in helping on this journey.


Mobility and device choice are critical, and our solution empowers this move. Access anywhere, anytime, enabling employees to work remotely, improve productivity and improve work-life balance.

Communication & Collaboration

We offer a wide range of tools to drive communication and collaboration, enabling service providers to offer valuable portfolio of products to resellers and end customers.

Customer experience

End customers are empowered to elevate their customer experience to consumers through several communication channels. Which can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Our wide range of integrations makes setup and adoption simple and seamless. Improved processes and workflows will enable improved productivity and efficiency​.

The value we bring

Our UCaaS platform helps Service Providers who want to deliver a complete set of UC functionalities, including; telephony, analytics, chat, video to name a few, by providing customised communication services that ensures limited investment/risk, reduced operational cost, simple management with easy-to-use interface and ensuring fast and frictionless time to market.​​

All through a powerful, unified brand-able communications and collaboration solution.


Getting to market fast

A completely compliant and secure SaaS solution allowing you to flexibly scale with minimum investment. Guided by experts, you’re in safe hands when onboarding, through to in-life.

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