Why Picking Your Partner Will Be Key to a Successful 2023

Cracking a new market can be tricky. You need a brilliant product, a compelling sales pitch, and a super-supportive wholesale partner with your best interests at heart. In the telecoms channel reseller space, differentiation can be a significant challenge. Products and solutions are constantly evolving, key customer messaging must keep pace in order to stay relevant, and providers are often preoccupied with revenue rather than relationships. Against that backdrop, it’s easy to see why in 2023 – with economic and geo-political crises likely to endure – resellers need to partner only with those providers for whom mutuality is most important.

Cloud Connections 2023 – five key-takeaways

So, last week it was finally time for Mattias Ohde and myself to head over to Fort Lauderdale in Florida for the annual Cloud Connections, hosted by Cloud Communications Alliance. With the last years cancelled events the anticipation was high for this one! What I can say is that we really had an enjoyable time … Continue

FAQ-Bot adds new integration – Instagram

As social media continues to play a crucial part in how companies interact with their customers, it’s more important than ever to have a strong presence on these platforms. FAQ-Bot first got its popularity because of its swift and accurate way to answer customers questions on companies’ web pages. But over time, the service has … Continue

Data Analytics: How ‘Real-Time’ is Rendering ‘Retrospective’ Old News

Information, as the saying goes, is king; knowledge is power. It’s hard to argue otherwise although, in today’s always-on world, there may be an important caveat. That’s because there is another popular saying: timing is everything – which means the point at which information is shared can significantly affect its value. Confused? Think of it this way: an enterprise learning something about the way it functioned last week is useful but, to coin yet another saying, the horse has since bolted. The same enterprise learning something today upon which it can act today is surely in an infinitely better place. Data analysis has, for some time, provided enterprises with 20/20 hindsight.

Lotto Dstny and Vermarc Sport launch new outfit and prolong partnership

Real coureurs: those are the members of Lotto Dstny who will wear the new outfit of the Belgian professional cycling team from 2023 onwards. Today, Lotto Dstny proudly unveils its outfit, which the team will sport in the biggest cycling races next season. Simultaneously, the team announces that it has extended the partnership with clothing manufacturer Vermarc Sport for three more years.