Integrate multiple CRM systems seamlessly with the Dstny Platform to enable a user-friendly pop-up window within the browser.

Empower customers to drive efficiency

Connect several CRM systems to the Dstny Platform which displays customer information in a pop-up window in the browser. In this widget, the user will get important information about the callee such as, name, number, company, ongoing tickets and when they last where in contact with the customer.

Value for service providers, end customers and end users​


Service providers​

Simple yet effective addition to the product portfolio, creating a value-adding up-sell to customers in the business integrations sector.

End customers​

Key systems/software integration to help maximize business efficiency and effectiveness leading to improved customer satisfaction.

End users​

Improve customer visibility and streamline workflows – especially within operations and commercial management.

Customize your product

CRM Connect is a customizable product that can be tailored to individual business needs. Create new CRM integrations, on top of our existing portfolio. And for the end customer, providers can customize what information and actions that will appear in the widget.

Off the shelf integrations

We provide a portfolio of ready-made CRM integrations, ready for you to provide to your market.
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Improved customer service

CRM Connect streamlines and enhances customer management by displaying customer information automatically, befor the call has been answered, leading to better customer service and increased productivity. 

View callee information – regardless of device

Dstny’s CRM Connect product can show callee information to the recipient, based on data received from the company’s CRM system, regardless of what device is being used. That way end-users of CRM Connect can get CRM data on fixed landline phones with a display, on web or app applications, and on their mobile phones.

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