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Stay competitive with one platform and endless data possibilities.

Introduction to Analytics

Watch our interview series with Johan Wendelstam, Managing Director and founder of Dstny Analytics.
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Analytics is quickly becoming a must-have for a lot of businesses. Your customers are realizing that in order to grow, they must first uncover and decipher both internal and external data and your competitors are capitalizing on this need. Dstny Analytics allows you to stay ahead of your competition by offering a product that provides irreplaceable insight.

A powerful web-based analytics solution

Dstny Analytics is a powerful and agnostic web-based analytics solution with scalable advantages around not only sales, but also delivery, maintenance, and innovation. With it you can provide insights from multiple platforms in a single pane of glass with white-label support and a multi-tenant architecture which is flexible to the needs of your customers.

What is Communication Data?

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Emphasize gains

Emphasize the gains created by existing features in your communications solution.

Map out data

Clearly map out data and build a story around it, simply creating straightforward insights with real, actionable value.

Realize a multi-modular solution

Ready to be tailored to your needs

Like all Dstny products, Analytics plays extremely well with others, allowing our partners to decide which data they bring together. Our platform can be calibrated to customer specific data sets for a holistic analytics setup, enabling you to build on top of our existing technology seamlessly. If there is an existing communication solution that is not already available with Analytics, we can integrate it for you.

With a multi-module architecture Analytics enables you to add communication systems to new and existing customers, providing valuable data from multiple platforms. We already have existing integrations into multiple existing market leaders.

Overcoming Data Challenges

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Some of our existing analytics integrations include


As an out-of-the-box solution

Business leaders are already realizing the competitive advantage of external analytics, but how they communicate internally is often a black hole that is poorly understood, underappreciated and unoptimized, despite the wealth of information it offers. As the workforce evolves it is becoming more and more important for companies to understand all facets of their company, and with Dstny Analytics you can emphasize a holistic 360 view of both internal and external communications.
The ability to connect to existing communication systems and solutions enables your customers to quickly and easily access new data. Analytics already has integrations with many existing communication systems, massively accelerating your Go-to-market. With these existing integrations you can simply brand, launch and grow with a module that is already market tested. Need to integrate a customer into Teams? No Problem. Looking to provide insights into Broadsoft? It’s all ready for you.

Driving Communication Efficiencies

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As a customized delivery

As well as using Analytics as a rapid out-of-the-box solution, you can also use it to help build a new integration toward your specific module. As it is agnostic towards customer portals, apps, BI-systems and data warehouses/lakes Analytics is the ideal building block for you to deliver your own powerful solution as well as build on top of existing modules.
With a customized delivery you can realize the same value and features as a standardized approach, but are also able to add on your own data and technical stack.
With Dstny Analytics you can integrate into all possible data sources, bringing all diversified data together.
When it comes to delivering a customized product, we work closely with our Partners, ensuring end-to-end support and the production of a tailored platform that fits your needs and the needs of your customers.

Stay competitive with a future proof solution

Data is everywhere, and available with many different systems, which means that information is often scattered and unorganized. On top of this, most communication solutions only offer analytics for their own platforms, which in turn reduces agility in the multi-UCaaS market. This is why we have built Dstny Analytics to be agnostic and capable of bringing multiple sources of data into one platform. As a fully adaptable, modular solution, Analytics even makes it possible to add new systems when needed.

Multi-Modular Data Solutions

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With Dstny Analytics you can

Use the full potential of data – Get to know your customers and how they communicate. Use Dstny Analytics to find opportunities to introduce your other products and identify new competitive solutions.

Become future proof​ – Customers with different needs who are actively growing demand robust and flexible solutions. Become future proof by being unrestrained from communication tools that are not agile or are fixed to one platform.

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Let’s talk about how Analytics can strengthen your product portfolio and help your customers create crucial insights.