What is Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)?

We are living in a golden age of mobility where as we go about our lives there are only rare occasions where we are not connected. There are obvious upsides and downsides to always being reachable, but for businesses looking to build on a work-from-anywhere culture, constant reachability is swiftly becoming a crucial must-have. This is why Fixed Mobile Convergence  is about to take a big step forward on the global stage.

Fixed Mobile Convergence, or FMC, is not a brand new technology. It has in fact been prevalent across Europe for over two decades in some shape or form and it’s just starting to be properly introduced outside of the region. But what exactly is FMC? What are the benefits of FMC? And why is FMC now gaining popularity?


What is FMC?


Despite its integration into business communications across various regions, it has yet to become widely used across the globe, so you wouldn’t be alone in asking one key question; “What is FMC?”.

If we strip it right back Fixed Mobile Convergence is the technical term for the technology which intertwines two areas of communication that would usually be fully isolated from each other. Those areas are fixed communications (this could be fixed telephone lines or on-premises internet) and mobile communications (this could include a smartphone, softphone, web phone or other mobile device). Sitting between the mobile operator and UC/PBX platform, FMC seamlessly bridges the gap between different communication solutions.

FMC means that a user can possess a single number which they can be accessed by no matter where they are, or what device they’re using. On the flip side of this, with FMC a user can have multiple numbers (either fixed or mobile) which can each be answered on any of their connected devices.

With Fixed Mobile Convergence a user can move from a fixed network to a mobile network with no interruption to their call. In physical terms,  FMC turns a mobile phone into a handle for a fixed number, and vice versa. Dual SIM-enabled FMC also means that companies can keep existing hardware and simply add mobility via the user’s mobile phone whilst keeping the personal, personal and the business, business.


What are the benefits of FMC?


We have been involved in FMC from the very beginning and we believe that FMC is now the next step in modern business communications. This is why we have developed Dstny Converge – an FMC integration that helps form a bridge between a user’s UCaaS or PBX extension and their dedicated mobile SIM.

With an FMC solution like Converge both you and your customers can save money whilst adding technical capability. On top of this there are unique advantages that are presented to MNOs, MvNOs and UCaaS providers.

Kyung Mun, Principle analyst at Mobile Experts summarises just how much value there is in FMC in a recent report, stating that “Fixed Mobile Convergence appears to have taken root. European telecommunications providers have already realized that convergence is a way to save on key costs, reduce churn, and to enable new converged services”.

With Converge you can:

  • Expand your proposition – Meet existing and future RFP demand by expanding your core proposition into large and significant mobile-first markets.


  • Delight your customers – Quickly enabled self-service options with no number porting or complicated airtime packages means that FMC is sure to delight your customers


  • Increase your Total Addressable Market – FMC helps Carriers to increase the number of markets they can integrate with by directly addressing multiple niches for business users within Enterprise and SMB.


  • Reduce margin pressure – broaden your existing offering, which in turn adds stickiness and margin protection.


  • Reduce customer churn – Use Fixed Mobile Convergence to firm up your service and become more competitive vs. traditional providers. Increase customer retention and reduce revenue loss.

Why is FMC gaining popularity now?


Now is the perfect time for an FMC solution like Dstny Converge. This down to not only the development of accompanying technologies but also the global sentiment behind mobility.


The rise of Bring Your Own Device and Work From Anywhere models


Whether it’s frontline, hybrid or fully remote, having the option to work from anywhere is becoming increasingly popular and in some cases necessary. This rise in demand to efficiently work outside of the office coincides with the increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD allows for individuals’ own devices to be used in a workplace setting, leading to a rise in both employee satisfaction and flexibility on top of a growing list of benefits on a business level.


Mobility is becoming more important in the workplace


As mobile technology grows and aligns with business needs, mobility in the workplace is quickly becoming a necessity. Away-from-desk working is becoming commonplace for a number of reasons:

  1. With added mobility comes added flexibility. When users can truly work from anywhere, there is an instant boost to productivity.
  2. Mobile working leads to much higher employee satisfaction levels.
  3. It is often the case that a mobile workforce equates to lower business costs.
  4. High mobility is an important aspect when it comes to both employee attraction and retention.


Our way of thinking around business mobility has changed


During the meteoric rise of the mobile phone, devices were seen as more of a business tool across Europe and a personal tool for the rest of the world. This led to businesses in Europe and their staff being more accepting of mobility in a workplace setting.

Now the rest of the world is catching on.

Thanks to the rise of Bring Your Own Device and Work From Anywhere capabilities and to tech like WiFi Calling and 5G, global mobile coverage has never been stronger. On top of this the mobile phone has become a tool that encompasses all aspects of our lives – both personal and business. This makes it the perfect time for FMC to step into the spotlight across the world.

If you are a Provider looking to add FMC to your offering and would like to talk to us about Dstny Converge, get in touch with us today.



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