All companies should have an AI bot as a colleague

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Customer Experience is everything!

Okey, well not everything. But it is a big part of the reason why a customer chooses to become your customer in the first place, and an even bigger part of why they stay with your company, instead of going to a competitor. And even though contact with an actual human might be the best way forward in some cases, using artificial intelligence to help with customer care can dramatically improve efficiency and workflows.

For some companies, up to a staggering 90% of questions can be automated and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this frees up a lot of time for your support team to tackle the more tricky tickets.

Here are some benefits of having an AI bot as a member of you staff.


A really good support agent could probably handle 2-3 chats at the same time. But after that, it gets really hard to keep track of the conversations going on and to answer in a timely manner. Installing a bot enables almost unlimited parallel chats. And an AI bot also do not mind doing mindless and repetitive task, that a human would not appreciate as much.

Many companies receive a large number of tickets that are very similar to each other, and by teaching the bot to take care of these in a sufficient manner, you can free up valuable time for agents to handle larger and more complex matters, which means both small and big tickets get handled faster.



When your customer base grows, so does the need to have more personnel, and to grow your team takes time and costs money. Even if an AI bot might not be able to solve that completely, it can certainly help a lot. Due to its scalability, the bot can continue to handle customers at a growing rate. And as you continue to train your bot, it can handle more and more types of tickets.


24/7 availability

Being able to help your customers, around the clock, all days of the year can be a real game changer for your company. Imagine a customer having a problem on a public holiday or in the middle of the night and being able to get swift help, that creates customer loyalty.


Lower risk of human error

Human makes mistakes. Especially if we are stressed, tired or bored. Teaching a bot to handle repetitive questions or tasks reduces risk of human error.


Turn visitors into leads

With the right pre-build conversation flows, you can lead the conversation into directions of sales. Simple questions like “would you like to know about the costs of these products?” or “leave your contacts here and an advisor will contact you with a tailored offer” can improve sales numbers in an easy way. Learning what questions converts the best help you to tweak an improve the flow of your bot.

The same goes for if you want to upsell on existing customers. If a customer has a question about a particular product, you might want to give them a nudge towards other products that compliments what they already have. If you know that product A and B works really well together, you might want to tell all customers that has questions about product A, that product B is a perfect compliment. Add a little campaign, like a discount, to that and you might improve sales dramatically.


These are just a few benefits of having an AI bot amongst your staff. If you want to know more about our own service; FAQ-bot, you can find that here.

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