Teams Connect

A PBX management product available directly in the end user's Teams environment.


Easy Teams integration

Native PBX management directly in Teams
Dstny Teams Connect is a PBX management application, available directly in the end users Teams environment. This service will ensure easy management regarding common PBX settings, such as caller ID, logging in and out of ACD groups, while at the same time synchronising presence between the Mobile App/Softphone and Teams. The service will also help Service Providers and their partners to manage customer onboarding with initial setup and configuration.

Play well with others

When you’re trying to be the best at everything, you usually end up being mediocre, at best. Not to mention the investment and expertise that is needed to keep up with a fast-moving market. By learning to integrate well with the leaders in a particular field, you will get a proposition towards your markets that really does provide the best of everything.

Cost of ownership

Let our experts handle the technical parts
Integrations towards MS Teams can be a complex and time-consuming task. With Teams Connect, Dstny’s experienced team handles the complexity of the integration, both maintaining the existing features and developments for the future. That way, you don’t need to handle any costs of ownership. It’s ready to be delivered at your end-customers convenience.

What to gain from Teams Connect



Our trusted Teams Connect product will get your end customers up and running with a Teams integration at no time.


With a plug-and-play Teams integration, Service Providers don’t need to have the knowledge inhouse, in order to deliver a great seamless Teams experience.

Market opportunities

With the ever more increasing popularity of MS Teams, Teams Connect will open up new market possibilities for Service Providers.
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Important features of Teams Connect

Select caller ID

The end user can select which number to show when placing a call. They can select their landline number, mobile number, a group number, or the office main number.

Manage groups

Login in or out of ACD groups natively in the Teams interface doesn’t get easier than this. Through a simple click of a button, users can handle all their groups.

Send text messages

Users can send text messages to existing contacts or new numbers, select outgoing number and type the message, through the Teams interface.


The Teams Connect product will also push the selected presence in Teams to be presented in the end customers PBX.


End-users will always have up-to date info about their colleagues when the Teams Connect product collects the line-state from the PBX system and displays it in MS Teams.

Stand-alone or with Teams Telephony

Teams Connect can be used stand-alone or in combination with the Teams Telephony Integration. The app enables the customer to use Teams Connect on their desktop, web and mobile and provides integration with and management of their PBX solution.

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