Streamline customer care with Omnichannel. Now agents and AI bots can collaborate seamlessly to efficiently manage a company's customer base.


AI and agent view in one place

Tickets from multiple channels in one interface
With our Omnichannel product, Service Providers can offer a flexible solution to both new and existing markets. Now your customers can let agents and AI bots work together to handle inquiries from different channels such as webpages, social media, or ticketing systems.

What do the experts say?

Omnichannel is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. In today’s hyperconnected world, customers expect a seamless experience across all channels and touchpoints. By embracing omnichannel, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, drive loyalty, and gain a competitive edge in the market.
Shep Hyken - Customer Service and Experience Expert

The importance of differentiate through customer service


Expand proposition

Reach new markets with an intuitive and flexible omnichannel solution. Sell it as a part of a larger system or completely stand-alone.

Fast time to market

Because of its intuitive nature, reaching the marker with our Omnichannel product is extremely fast.

Multi-tier white label

Make the service your own, while at the same time, let every end-customer tailor the branding of the bot to their specific needs.

The importance of great support

Many markets are being consolidated today and companies often have to compete based on customer experience. Providing excellent service, and delight customers, is a key denominator for companies to stay relevant. Companies across the world are actively looking for services that can streamline and make customer experience more effective.


Our Omnichannel product is integrated towards popular Social Media channels and Ticketing Systems. The end-user can use his or her preferred channel to contact a company’s bot, and the company agent can see from what channel the chat has come from, if the chat needs to be handled manually.

A flexible solution

One size rarely fits all, and when it comes to support and customer care that is even more the case. It’s imperative to provide a solution that can be tailored to each and every end customer’s needs, in an easy and efficient way. With Dstny’s omnichannel product provide the ability for the end-customer to set specific settings to all their channels.

A perfect entry point product

With its broad market possibilities and speed of adoption, combined with that it can be sold stand-alone, this is a perfect entry point to reach new business opportunities.

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Empower companies to delight customers

Effortless automation, simplicity of communication and easy to use, with no need for training. All accessed in one simple and intuitive interface.

All major channels

Supports major digital channels as well as integrations.

Helps support

Reduce support burden with adaptable automated answering.

Improve sales

The product can support both direct and indirect sales with guided flows.


Guided conversations
Through conversational flows, companies can guide their visitors to a desired outcome. By mapping out their process and automating it, end-users can reduce customer support volume and increase conversation and qualified leads.

Explore more about AI and Omnichannel

Chatbots, AI and Customer Service

When it comes to the use of AI in customer services, chatbots are seen as the natural first step, so much so that by 2030 the AI call centre market is expected to grow by over 21%. As they can easily leverage AI and machine learning, chatbots are instrumental in enhancing customer experiences and boosting efficiency.

AI’s impact on customer and agent satisfaction

As part of our in-depth look into how AI is affecting the customer service industry an important factor to consider is the impact AI has on both agent and customer satisfaction. It is clear that AI and machine learning both streamline CS processes, but how can we recognize AI’s potential for transforming the actual human experience? When it comes to the matter of sentiment AI is a gamechanger in a number of ways.

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