Actionable insights with Analytics

An analytics and reporting platform that collects data from multiple communication solutions and presents that data in one unified user experience.

Provide powerful insights

Analytics for communication data
The Dstny Analytics product enables Service Providers to offer existing and new markets insights regarding internal and external communication. Dstny Analytics collects data from most of the well-known communication solutions on the market and presents that data in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

What do the experts say?

We are surrounded by data but starved for insights.
Jay Baer - Marketing and Customer Experience expert

Importance of data

With an abundance of data, the challenge is how to manage it


Analytics and data brings curiosity and learning. When applied in the right context you can effectively diagnose priorities and actions, which can make a huge difference.

Not just a buzz-word

Basic data and analytics tools are becoming standard practice in many businesses and tools on the market. You need to be data driven to sustain competitiveness.

Stay relevant

As a Service Provider, you need to be able to provide a sufficiently agile data tooling capabilities to quickly adjust to market changes whenever they happen.

Key considerations when looking at a Analytics product

It is important to consider if you want a white label solution so that you can let the product be a native part of your end-user’s workflow. The Dstny Analytics product is fully customisable to you brand needs.

Consider how to manage data from different sources and if this is something you want to be able to provide to your customers. Does the product provide the efficiency needed in a complex environment? Is the product compliant and secure?

Does the product ‘play well with others’? Consider the APIs of the analytics product, are they robust, secure, and evergreen? Does it have integration options such as part of a portal, app, BI system or other?

Consider if the Analytics product can grow together with your customers. How does the roadmap look and is it aligned with existing and upcoming market needs? Is the product agile enough to keep a high speed of innovation?

How can you unify your data and quickly get a best-in-class analytics solution on the market?


Dstny Analytics

Unlocking data’s potential: empowering insight-driven decisions
Seamlessly integrate, process and analyse complex data from various sources with our user friendly, scalable solution that empowers businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions.

One platform – endless possibilities

A powerful and scalable solution that adds real value to the portfolio, and empowers the end customer to make decisions based on real insights. One Analytics solution from us can provide insights from multiple platforms,  efficiently and cost-effectively.

Strengthen portfolio and drive growth.

Quick deployment and G2M enables quick ROI with no expertise required.

Multiple integration options with clarity of data –  dramatically improve data storytelling.

The value we bring

Unify data with a best-in-class analytics product

Value for service providers

Empower end customers to make better decisions with clearer data visibility, helping drive ARPU growth. Multiple platforms? No problem, one Analytics solution can support them all.

Value for customers

With Dstny Analytics, companies can lower costs, improve decision making and streamline efficiency, with clear data around business operations. Ultimately creating a positive impact on the bottom line.

Shape the platform to each customer

With Dstny Analytics you will be able to provide seamless integrations with existing workflows.

Flexible feature set

Build your own commercial offer, combining different feature sets in Analytics to align with your existing billing models and customer inquiries.

Unified but still separate

Possible to have many different customer setup with their own branding and features in the same system – without affecting each other.

Integrations for upsales

With integrations to many existing communication systems and solutions on the market it’s easy to add new communication systems to customers.

Seamless experience

Easily becomes a native part of SP’s own communication solution through Integrations to portals, Apps, BI-systems, Data lakes etc.

Stay competitive on the market by providing quick G2M and scale advantages through a future proof ​ best-in-class analytics

Dstny Analytics is a powerful analytics solution with scale advantages around sales, delivery, maintenance, and innovation. With multi-tenant and multi-module architecture, the platform is flexible for their customers needs.


Automated and visual data
Help customers visualize volumes, identify trends, compare and benchmark relevant data with our powerful reporting tool. Increase the depth of customer understanding and how the details should be communicated. And with the schedule functionality, automated reports can be sent out to the right recipients at custom intervals.

Live data and dashboards

Customizable with an array of real-time data
Provide your end customers with highly visual and instant access to data via the live data and dashboards in Dstny Analytics. This data can be visualized anywhere, at any time, and through URLS, it is also easy to share with others.


Dstny Analytics provides both code and no-code integrations into several systems. That way, Service Providers can maximize the value of the data brought to end-customers. The product can be correlated to other customer specific data sets, for a holistic analytics setup. And because we play well with others, you can also choose to build on-top of our existing technology.

Fortified portfolio

An agnostic solution that aggregates data from multiple sources. Provide customers with a value adding solution that can make a significant difference to their operations and insights.

Trust the experts

Analytics is our core business, not just a side product on the shelf. We have been working solely with data and reports from the start and have together with partners built a robust and smart analytic platform.

Clarity with data

Storytelling with data is a powerful asset to have. Analytics provides several ways to inform and report on key data insights. Helping focus on what’s important and cutting out the ‘data noise’.

Business insights

Understand how businesses are communicating, internally and externally. Make stories with data and insights and add real value to business operations.

Optimized resource

Delight the customers customer with efficiently working staff and agents. Making the right choices to ensure top satisfaction.


Improved insights and reporting instantly enhances communication, which creates better business alignment.

Support and Wiki

Click the button below to get to our support form. In the Dstny Analytics Wiki you can find more information about the platform and its functions.

Harnessing the Power Of Data

In the current insight-driven market, the ability to harness the power of data and analytics has become an essential for companies. As it stands, technical developments have made it easier to collect and visualize data, but in turn has also made it more complex for the end user regarding what to measure, and why.

How your data can be turned into business value

Some say that actionable insights are about data, data and more data, but that is a much too blunt way of talking about it. There is a subtle difference between data, information, and insights. 

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