Strengthening security – Dstny’s ongoing commitment to deliver a secure ecosystem

The importance to have a robust security, throughout every part of the company, is pivotal to a company delivering communications technology. At Dstny, we recognize the sensitivity in the products and solutions we provide and are committed to meet the market needs. To ensure the highest level of security, we are dedicated to constant improvement and innovation in safeguarding the data of our service providers, their partners and their end users.

Taking Security to the Hardware level

We understand that security extends to every aspect of our eco system, including hardware registration and management. Recently we’ve implemented new security measurements to mitigate the risk of fraud when registrating and managing a 3rd party device in the Dstny Service Management Portal (SMP).

To meet the demands of being able to register a 3rd party device, we have added new functionality in SMP. With this release, companies can add devices that are not in the Dstny certified partner program to a user and by that get IP address, registration time, generate new passwords and so on. Something that will simplify the use of these devices greatly.

Securing concurrent calls and passwords in Core

In our continuous efforts to enhance security, Dstny has implemented robust measures to limit concurrent calls, particularly when 3rd party devices are involved. These measures effectively reduce the risk of fraud and misuse.

We recommend maintaining a balance of 2-3 concurrent 3rd party device calls, which provides users with the flexibility they need while safeguarding against fraudulent activity. These limitations also extend to managing diverted calls, ensuring responsible and secure communication. We also recommend having well defined barring rules to make sure calls are only placed or transferred to appropriate destinations.

Furthermore, we’ve enhanced the management of expiration dates for 3rd party devices and users, recognizing the importance of flexibility in management. These can now be managed separately, allowing specific 3rd party devices or users to increase or reduce the frequency of password updates, or even eliminate the need for updates altogether depending on the specific need of that entity. We have also added an alarm function to notify the admin if a password has expired, something that simplifies handling devices or users that has no real human attached to it, for example in ATA boxes or elevators.

At Dstny, your security is our top priority. These measures are designed to create a safe and reliable communication environment, allowing you to connect, collaborate, and communicate with confidence.

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