SMP – now for Service Providers with a hybrid solution

Finally, it’s ready! Now service providers with a hybrid solution can gain from our powerful SMP service.

What is SMP?

The SMP is our Service Management Portal, which is a multi-tier portal created to manage Dstny services in every step of the chain. Here, service providers can manage resellers, resellers can manage end-customers, and end-customer admins can manage their own service. All in the same user-friendly interface.

The SMP enables a robust digital journey, making it easy to onboard, provision and support new resellers and end-customers in a simple and intuitive way. It comes with both an expert view and a simple view, depending on the type of user accessing the portal. And of course, it’s fully brandable.


Release 1.4 – now with support for a hybrid solution

In our latest release, we have opened up the portal to more of our service providers, namely the ones who work with a hybrid solution. The following are some of the larger additions the new release brought with it.

Manage bundles

With the 1.4-release, hybrid service providers can manage their bundles in an easy and efficient way. This new feature allows the viewing of the whole list of licenses and bundles, so they easily can create, modify, and delete them. A feature we will continue to improve upon, in upcoming releases.

Configurable menu

Another addition for a more flexible service is that the left side menu can be configured to the need of the Service Provider. Now they can hide, show and move menu items to match their set-up and offering.

Basic mode

Now we can also introduce our Basic mode of the SMP. A simplified version of the service that lets service providers provision and manage Dstny Addons, such as FAQ-Bot, CRM Connect and so on.

Brandable – directly in the interface

And maybe the most visual change of them all is the ability for service providers to rebrand their own portal, directly in the SMP interface. Now you can change colors, menu, logo and favicon, with a click of a few buttons.

Other improvements

Of course, this release comes with many other features and improvements. We have, for example, extended the hardware that can be provisioned by adding the Yealink T4-model to the provisioning feature.

Another sought after functionality we have added is that admins can distribute calls based on the longest idle agent. A functionality that can improve the allocation of the workload on the end-customer agents.

Do you want to know more about how we help service providers simplify and digitize the reseller and end-customer journey? Click here and fill in the form, and one of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.

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