Dstny wins 'Employee Wellbeing Award' at ZoHRo Awards

On Thursday, May 30, ZigZagHR hosted the second ZoHRo Awards, an event dedicated to honoring HR professionals and teams. Dstny proudly received the prestigious 'Employee Wellbeing Award' for its innovative approach to fostering employee well-being.

"We are extremely proud to receive this award," says Daan De Wever, co-founder and CEO of Dstny Group. "It is a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of well-being and ensuring that our employees are supported and valued."


A Commitment to Well-Being

At Dstny, well-being is a cornerstone of our company culture and a key contributor to sustainable growth. We strive to provide a safe and supportive work environment, both physically and psychologically, and to create outstanding experiences for our employees. We believe that employee well-being directly translates into customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the success of our company.


Data-Driven HR Policy on Well-Being

Our well-being strategy at Dstny blends formal and informal approaches. The formal approach is highly data-driven. Originally a Belgian company, Dstny has grown into a European leader in cloud-based business communication, employing 1,100 people across seven countries. With this rapid growth came significant complexity.

"We lacked a strategic HR tool to bridge the gap between employees and the organization, increase productivity, and maintain high employee retention," explains Daan De Wever. This challenge led to the creation of Vitaminsatwork, an analysis tool supported by scientific research from VUB and Solvay Business School and developed with co-founders Jonas Geleyn and Jonas Scheers.

Vitaminsatwork provides real-time, scientifically-backed, and action-oriented insights at the individual, team, and company levels. Each year, we conduct comprehensive and targeted surveys through this platform, achieving high participation rates. These surveys explore the drivers of well-being and engagement, revealing unique correlations that guide our improvement efforts while respecting employee privacy.

In addition, we regularly conduct an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) survey, allowing employees to provide direct feedback on their well-being. These tools enable our management team to continuously monitor employee and team sentiment.


The Core Values of Dstny (ICORE)

Our informal approach to well-being is rooted in Dstny's core values: Innovation, Commitment, Obsession for Customer Experience, Respect, and Empowerment (ICORE). These values shape our business approach internally and externally with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Since October 2023, our team has been working in Dstny House, our new headquarters. Designed with input from both management and employees, Dstny House features coffee corners for spontaneous conversations, collaborative workspaces, concentration areas, and an informal work café. Employees also have the flexibility to work from home a few days a week.

Dstny House's design, featuring a blend of variety, light, and color combinations, reflects who we are: professional, no-nonsense, yet attentive and continuously connected with our employees.


Open and Transparent Communication

Another key aspect of our company culture is the availability and openness of Dstny's management. Group CEO Daan De Wever and the entire management team are approachable and always willing to listen. Transparent communication of our mission, vision, and strategy was recently emphasized during a Roadshow across all European offices. Regular updates provide employees with context and perspective on the company’s strategy and future plans. This open communication fosters a sense of security and perspective, which enhances overall well-being within Dstny.


Impact of Our Well-Being Strategy

The effectiveness of our well-being strategy is evident in our low staff turnover and limited burnout rates. This ensures that Dstny's consistent growth remains a success story.

Interested in being part of a dynamic and fun team like ours? Join us at Dstny!


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