New update in Teams Connect – line-state from the PBX

Today, businesses rely heavily on technology to improve collaboration and communication between team members and customers. And many companies have chosen to work with multiple tools for communication, simultaneously.

To have effective and seamless communication, knowledge about your colleagues’ availability is key.

Transfering a call from an unhappy customer to a colleague, only to find out that they are busy, is probably not going to make the customer much happier. And having several communication systems makes this scenario more likely.

That is why it is so important to integrate your communication systems.

Both line-state and presence with Teams Connect

Our Teams Connect Service creates this integration between the PBX and a company’s Microsoft Teams environment. Among many integration features, Teams Connect is able to push presence from the Teams interface to the PBX, making sure that if you, for example, put yourself as in a meeting in Teams, that also shows in the PBX.

With the latest release, Teams Connect 1.4, we have taken the integration one step further. Now we also have line-state integration from the PBX to Teams. That means that if you’re in a call in the PBX, your line-state will appear as in a call in the Teams interface as well.

This ensures that you always get the right information about your colleagues’ availability. Something that saves time by avoiding unnecessary calls and interruptions.

Integration between a company’s PBX and Teams is an excellent way for businesses to be able to rely on both systems for communication and collaboration, always making sure team members are up to date on their colleagues’ availability.

With both presence and line-state, Team Connect will provide a smoother workday for the end users.


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