Getting started with AI in Customer Services

As we come to the end of our series of posts on AI in Customer Services we can now truly understand the way in which AI can permeate every facet of CS. Not only have we discovered how AI can impact services but we have also touched upon the way in which AI can change Customer Services on a very human level. And now we arrive to the most important question you may be asking yourself; “How can I implement AI?”. First we have to think about the ways in which AI can be rolled out, and then we get into the nitty gritty of implementation and optimized service models. With the Dstny range, all of these questions have simple answers, and backed by the rise of the informal contact centre you can start to put together your AI plan today.

Informal contact centres are changing the way we build Customer Service solutions

It’s not just Artificial Intelligence that is shaping the world of Customer Service, it’s also the ways in which it is being deployed, and what tools businesses have to compliment their AI stack.

An informal contact centre, which is usually smaller and less complex than a traditional contact centre, allows any type of employee to handle customer queries. It works by combining multiple products and by building their own informal contact centre companies can significantly reduce costs whilst providing customers with direct access to skilled experts spanning various business sectors. With an informal contact centre, voice solutions are usually integrated into UCaaS and tools are AI powered to reduce impact on staff. Where possible ‘informal’ solutions are slotted into existing software and hardware natively.

Informal contact centres favour agility over the rigidity and costliness of the traditional contact centre and the Dstny ecosystem’s modular nature allows you to build your offering in a way that suits the needs, pain points and cost structure of you and your customers. With Dstny products you can truly start from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to seamlessly add other Dstny modules to your offering whenever you like. Not only this but the entire Dstny ecosystem is entirely elastic, meaning you can scale endlessly at any pace. With us you can start with any product and grow at your own speed.

The Cost of AI vs standard customer service models

When approaching something new, the first questions that often spring to mind are ‘what are the costs?’ and ‘what pain points am I likely to face?’. AI customer service platforms vary in pricing, often employing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, with monthly fees instead of upfront capital expenditures (CapEx). When considering AI adoption, businesses  first evaluate their budgets and pain points to be addressed and then choose a solution. It’s important for businesses to factor in the total cost of ownership for customer support and compare AI solutions to alternative options, including hiring additional staff. In most cases, AI proves to be a cost-effective investment.

This is where as a Provider you can really take the pain out of getting started with AI. With minimal risk and cost you could be giving your customers what they want – powerful, tried and tested AI solutions that fit into their existing frameworks which are easy to use whilst being cost effective.

Integrating AI into existing systems

Embarking on a self built AI customer service journey often involves making difficult strategic decisions. Identifying the tasks AI will perform and the data required for platform training, such as integrating with existing knowledge bases or customer service management systems, are crucial first steps.

Choosing the right AI customer service platform provider simplifies the process, offering the necessary guidance and support for successful implementation. Dstny Omnichannel can help you automate your customer-facing processes and take the pain and complexity out of transitioning to an AI-backed support system. Contact us today if you’re looking to find out more about how to integrate AI into your offering.

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