Enhancing User Experience: UI revamp and new settings functionality in our Omnichannel product

We are excited to share the latest release of our AI powered chat bot and omnichannel. Here we have added new settings functionality and redesigned the UI to visually fit our suite of services.

Settings per channel

Different channels might need different ways on how you approach your customers. For some channels, companies might want the bot to handle all enquiries, for other channels the enquiries might be of a more complex nature and agents’ assistance might be needed more often.

The need for unique approaches depending on channels prompted us to add the functionality of having different bot settings per channel. Now companies can select if they want a bot-first or an agent-first methodology. For example, the bot could handle all interactions in Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook, while on the webpage the chat is only open during opening hours and all communications are handled by agents.

Dstny Omnichannel gets a new look-and-feel

As technology evolves, it becomes more and more important to provide an exceptional user experience to meet the expectations of the end users.

Recognizing the growing demand for user-friendly interfaces, we started working on the redesign of the omnichannel UI. While the previous design served its purpose, we aim to create an ecosystem of services where the end user feels at home throughout all our products.

By creating and maintaining a cohesive visual language and shared design elements, we make sure we can deliver a unified user experience to our end users. With this UI revamp, the transition from the agent chat interface in ConnectMe to the backend part of the omnichannel becomes seamless and smooth.

At Dstny, we are working tirelessly to continuously improve the user experience in all our services, making sure we provide the latest technology in a user-friendly way.

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