Elevating Dstny Core and Service Mediation Gateway

Elevating Dstny Core and Service Mediation Gateway: A peek behind the scenes 


At Dstny, the gears of innovation never stop turning, especially when it comes to enhancing the backbone of our services – the Dstny Core and Service Mediation Gateway. In recent months, our dedicated team has been hard at work refining these essential components, bringing forth a host of improvements. Here's a closer look at the highlights that have been seamlessly integrated into our systems. 


Enhancements for Desk Phones and Hardware 


Customized ringtones 

Previously available for Mitel phones, we've expanded the functionality of setting different ringtones based on the caller's status (internal or external) to include Snom and Poly phones. 


Streamlined expansion modules for Snom 

Our upgrades ensures that expansion modules for Snom devices can now be effortlessly connected to the device directly through Core. This enhancement provides administrators the convenience to configure button settings seamlessly, a feature previously exclusive to Mitel phones. 


Efficient Attendant and ACD Group management 

Now, users of Yealink desk phones can easily log in and out of Attendant and ACD groups directly from their devices, enhancing operational efficiency. We plan to support other Alliance Partners in the future. 


Smart default label in Core 

Introducing a smart default label feature in Core, allowing companies to mass-change labels for contacts, shortcuts, group numbers, and extensions through the Core interface. This simplifies label changes across the entire hardware, ensuring consistent updates. 


API advancements 


Auto Attendant API integration 

With added API integration for Auto Attendant, customer engagement systems can now intelligently guide customers. For example, now the Auto Attendant includes directing VIP customers to specific queues, enhancing the overall auto attendant functionality. 



Management during maintenance and quality 


Uninterrupted management during maintenance 

Our system now allows continued management of systems and customers even during maintenance, minimizing the impact on end-users during upgrades. 


Enhanced voice prompt quality 

We've improved support for uploading new voice prompt file formats, such as MP3, ensuring HD voice quality for voice prompts and voicemails. 


Call Recording and Trunk Assignment 


Individual Call Recording control 

We've refined our basic call recording function, granting users the ability to enable or disable call recording on an individual level, enhancing customer experience and aiding service providers in seamless billing. 


Mobile profile trunk assignment 

A novel functionality now allows specific mobile profiles to be automatically assigned to specific trunks. This ensures correct routing of calls, billing, and number presentation, regardless of the device used by the customer.  

All these enhancements not only reflect our commitment to continuous improvement but also demonstrate our dedication to providing a cutting-edge, user-friendly, and reliable experience for our clients and partners. At Dstny, the gears of progress never stop turning, and we're excited to pave the way for a future of seamless communication and collaboration. Stay tuned for more innovations! 


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