Chatbots, AI and Customer Service

When it comes to the use of AI in customer services, chatbots are seen as the natural first step, so much so that by 2030 the AI call centre market is expected to grow by over 21%. As they can easily leverage AI and machine learning, chatbots are instrumental in enhancing customer experiences and boosting efficiency. Put simply, an AI powered chatbot can:

  • Empower customer service teams by addressing common queries
  • Provide round-the-clock access to information
  • Facilitate multilingual support
  • Deliver overall customer satisfaction

But how else can artificial intelligence help in customer service? What are some of the effects that AI can have on businesses and their customers?

Chatbots and self service support


Self-service support is gaining momentum, with customers often preferring messaging-based support over phone-based assistance. Chatbots and artificial intelligence empower customers to self-serve, instantly taking massive amounts of workload off of business plates. Using a chatbot reduces costs, boosts overall efficiency and eliminates wait times. In turn, using a chatbot leads to an increase in end-user satisfaction and helps to prevent overworking staff. While knowledge bases offer a degree of self-service, AI can intelligently guide customers to resolution with no agent involvement. Artificial Intelligence adapts to human behaviour patterns, effectively ensuring customers find the information they need.

How Dstny can help you provide powerful AI tools

Dstny Omnichannel is a communication tool which at its core is powered by conversational AI. As per its namesake, with Omnichannel all communication channels can be brought into one platform. This means that no matter if an end user is trying to contact a business through their website, Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, their messages will all show up in our intuitive UI.

When it comes to ease of setup, Dstny Omnichannel can be implemented in multiple ways:

  1. As a standalone product, ready to be integrated into your offering – Omnichannel is fully brandable and is ready to talk to your customers on multiple platforms
  2. As a bundle with ConnectMe, our powerful single point of entry for Dstny products – As part of the ConnectMe bundle, Omnichannel becomes Digital Channels and offers a single pane of glass for managing the entire customer experience. This intuitive bundle is also a part of our UCaaS solution.

With Dstny Omnichannel being able to answer all frequently asked questions, agents only have to take part in the conversation when absolutely necessary. This adaptable automated answering system dramatically reduces the burden on support staff.

Everybody wants to feel heard, especially when they have a potential issue with a product or service. Because of this you may be wondering what the impact of reducing the involvement of support staff and increasing AI responses is on the customer journey. With the inclusion of ChatGPT, all conversations with Dstny Omnichannel are thoroughly humanized. This ultimately creates an extremely powerful tool which allows the end user to have a human discussion with a fraction of the resource costs.

How to use AI in customer service


The potential of AI extends well beyond conventional chatbots. Businesses can harness AI-powered technologies in numerous ways to elevate their customer service operations.

Intelligent Data Analysis

By utilizing AI and machine learning businesses can analyze vast data streams in relatively short timeframes. With AI, even basic users can identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that often elude overwhelmed human operators. By implementing AI in customer service, agents can boost productivity, eliminate redundant efforts, and exercise greater control over costs.

Assisting existing agents

AI and machine learning can directly enhance the capabilities of customer service agents. For instance, AI can interpret customer interactions, identify pertinent information required for issue resolution, and succinctly present it on agents’ screens. This saves valuable time and enables agents to efficiently resolve customer queries with confidence. This especially benefits new agents who require additional support.

Conversational Analytics

Leveraging natural language processing, conversational analytics captures valuable insights from customer interactions. This technology facilitates a deeper understanding of the customers’ impressions and satisfaction levels whilst providing actionable data to evaluate agent performance. AI identifies areas where agents may require additional training or support, ultimately improving overall service quality.

Process Automation

AI not only empowers agents with quick access to relevant information during customer interactions but it also automates specific time-consuming tasks. AI-driven automation handles simple tasks which in turn enables agents to focus on more complex assignments. Businesses adopting these automation methods witness significant ROI increases, improved quality and accuracy in their data, enhanced productivity, and substantial cost reduction.

Training agents with AI

How new customer service agents are trained plays a pivotal role in how the overall customer experience is delivered. Traditional training processes however are time-consuming and often leaves agents unprepared for unusual customer queries. AI revolutionizes agent training by deploying speech-to-text transcription, simulating usable real-world scenarios based on FAQs and assessing agents’ readiness.

If you’re ready to learn about how AI can be a part of your offering, contact us today.

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