Dstny launches Call2Teams Go for cost-effective voice integration with Microsoft Teams

Call2Teams Go removes the complication of Teams telephony integration.


Dstny Automate, the leading provider of Direct Routing solutions for Microsoft Teams, is excited to launch Call2Teams Go, the latest addition to their ecosystem of Direct Routing products. Call2Teams Go revolutionizes voice integration in Teams, effectively unlocking the power of Teams collaboration without the added complication of additional telephony licensing. This makes it one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market for voice-enabling Teams. Because it is native, Call2Teams Go delivers a rich calling experience directly within the Teams interface.


Call2Teams Go is the only truly native client companion for Microsoft Teams

Call2Teams Go lets Call2Teams PBX users rapidly activate a dial pad within the Teams environment. Additionally, with Call2Teams Go the tenant only needs to have one Microsoft Teams Resource Account license and one phone system license per company. This native experience means users can access essential Teams functions, such as presence, call history, 1-1 call recording and transcription, voicemail, call waiting and contact syncing. Call2Teams Go also delivers features exclusive to Call2Teams products such as 100% true reflection of line state when making transfers.

Neil Greenwood, VP of Product at Dstny Automate, explains why being native to Teams is so important.

“Being native on the client side means you’re using the Teams voice capabilities within the platform, which comes with the networking and quality of service attributes that go from the client into the Azure Cloud and then to Teams.

With Call2Teams Go there is no software to install, so users are not handling a cross-launch in a separate window to Teams. With some integrations, you’ll see the dialer in Teams, but it’s actually presenting as a web client using WebRTC or simply acting as a remote interface to an existing application sitting outside of Teams.”

As Call2Teams Go is native to Teams, it is instinctive to users already familiar with the Microsoft Teams interface.

Call2Teams Go is a game-changer for Teams calling via PBX.

Call2Teams Go is offered in the same way as the other Call2Teams products – It is a platform-agnostic, cloud-based middleware product, sold exclusively via the channel, through Service Providers, Resellers, and Distributors.

As with Call2Teams for PBX and Trunks, this latest addition to the product ecosystem is delivered on a per-user-per-tenant basis. Greenwood goes on to explain: “Call2Teams Go completes our Direct Routing product set. Now all users within a company can have access to native Teams calling, whether that be via Microsoft Phone System or via Call2Teams Go. This allows our partners to expand their total addressable markets, secure larger deal sizes, overcome budget restrictions, and open up new geographies and market verticals.”

As with all Call2Teams products, Call2Teams Go is easy to provision and easy to use. Enabled via a toggle in the Call2Teams portal, for the end-user it is added to Teams in the same way as all other third-party applications.

For Service Providers, Call2Teams Go means their customers do not need to involve another supplier to add voice to Teams – which they would typically have to do to purchase the Teams Phone licenses. Service Providers can give the entire solution to their customers without involving a third party. They can also use Call2Teams Go in several ways, as Call2Teams Go is adaptable for the channel, allowing Service Providers to take it to market in a way that suits them.

Service Providers can:

  1. Use the Call2Teams Go product in its fully brandable, out-of-the-box format.
  2. Add their own functionality with Call2Teams Go as the backbone of their offering
  3. Use the Call2Teams Go infrastructure to drive their own calling client.

The launch of Call2Teams Go delivers ground-breaking advances in how users make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams and is an important new addition to Dstny’s already successful Call2Teams products for PBX and Trunks. Call2Teams Go is a major step forward in delivering native Teams calling to all users, regardless of price.

Find out more at www.call2teams.com/call2teams-go