Dstny Unveils ConnectMe Omnichannel: Revolutionizing Customer Support with Seamless Human-AI Collaboration

Brussels, May 2, 2023 – Dstny, a leading European cloud-based business communications provider, is excited to announce a significant update to ConnectMe, their innovative product designed to transform customer engagement and communication. ConnectMe combines web-based calls, AI-powered chat assistance, and an omnichannel interface for a streamlined and seamless customer support experience.

From its humble beginnings as a web-phone application, ConnectMe has evolved into a comprehensive communications solution that empowers Service Providers’ B2B customers, enhancing their daily operations. Through rapid development, ConnectMe is redefining the way businesses interact with customers.

Enhanced Customer Engagement with Omnichannel Capabilities

In addition to ConnectMe’s powerful voice channel functionality, the application now supports digital customer interactions management within the same interface. The omnichannel feature integrates with the major social media apps, customer websites, and platforms like Zendesk.

Boosting Customer Experience and Efficiency with Conversational AI

Dstny’s chatbot option can now manage digital interactions alongside human agents. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, the chatbot leverages companies’ knowledge bases to deliver high-quality answers to frequent questions, saving time for both customers and businesses. Companies can now offer round-the-clock assistance for common inquiries.

Exceptional Customer Support through Seamless Human-AI Collaboration

ConnectMe’s groundbreaking innovation lies in its smooth human-AI collaboration. When inquiries become too complex for the AI chatbot, agents can effortlessly take over the chat within the same ConnectMe interface used for managing voice interactions. This integrated omnichannel approach lets agents view the customer’s previous chatbot conversations, ensuring a personalized and efficient customer support experience.

Johan Dalström, Dstny’s Chief Product Officer, stated: “ConnectMe demonstrates our dedication to providing businesses with user-friendly communication tools. By facilitating seamless collaboration between human agents and AI technology, we empower organizations to deliver exceptional customer support that meets the expectations of modern consumers.”

Dstny’s ongoing commitment to innovation heralds even more exciting developments for the ConnectMe platform. To learn more about Dstny, visit www.dstny.com.

For further information, please contact:
Christian Hed – CMO
Email: christian.hed@dstny.com


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