Aurora Innovation – now part of the Dstny Alliance Program

Aurora Innovation expands its collaboration with Dstny and becomes part of the Dstny Alliance Program – a platform for collaboration and increased innovation, with the goal of adding customer value to the joint offering.

Aurora Innovation has improved accessibility to healthcare for over 20 years. Many citizens now reach healthcare through teleQ, our digital platform for patient contact. We are part of a digital ecosystem and work closely with our partners to add value to their offering. As a part of Dstny’s Alliance Program, we will make teleQ available to many more. 

A platform for collaboration and increased innovation  

Dstny is a leading European provider of cloud-based business communication solutions that simplify communication for companies. With the Alliance program, they have created a platform for collaboration and increased innovation, with the goal of adding customer value and improving the joint offering. Aurora teleQ is now part of an ecosystem of different technologies that are available to Dstny’s service providers. 

Knowledge about the healthcare sector and its challenges  

With our software-as-a-service installed on more than 9,000 devices at customers around Europe, we contribute with experience and knowledge about the healthcare sector and its challenges. We add value with a solution that both simplifies patients’ access to healthcare services and creates well-functioning work environments for healthcare professionals. 

“We want to make life a little easier for both patients and healthcare providers. We do this through collaboration with our partners, where Aurora teleQ adds value to their offering. With Dstny Alliance Program, we become part of a larger ecosystem and can create value for more patients and more healthcare providers,” says Tapani Kyrki, CEO of Aurora Innovation. 

Collaboration for increased accessibility  

Dstny delivers interactive communication tools to more than 3 million users. With innovative technology and strong partnerships, their services are both easy to use and to integrate. 

 “We are driving the future of telephony for businesses and constantly working to improve the services we have. Through our collaboration with Aurora Innovation, which has extensive experience in the healthcare sector, we can contribute to increased accessibility in healthcare and easier communication between patients and healthcare providers,” says Renato Valentini, Alliance Program Manager at Dstny. 

The collaboration has already begun, and Aurora Innovation is participating in Dstny’s partner event on September 6-7.  

If you want to know more, please contact Reine Åslander, New Market Entry Executive at Aurora Innovation,”