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Increasing employees mobility and availability with FMC – Svanströms El & VVS

In the fast-paced world of today, businesses that strive to be available round the clock require a mobile solution to meet the needs of their customers. Svanströms El & VVS, a Stockholm-based company founded in 2003, stands out as one of the few companies that offer a 24/7 service, addressing various electricity, heat, ventilation, and plumbing issues.

Håkan Svanström, the operations manager at Svanströms, recalls, “Our phones rang constantly, and although I could manage to work while answering calls, I soon realized that it was overwhelming. I was concerned that we might be losing customers who couldn’t get through. I knew we had to find a solution to this problem.”

Their customer base rages from private projects to multi-million Euro contracts. Svanströms average on 6000 jobs per year and 1500 emergency call outs where they aim to be on-site within an hour.

Managing a High Volume of Incoming Calls

The challenge
Being among the select few companies in Stockholm that provide 24/7 service for electricity, heating, ventilation, and plumbing issues meant that Svanströms was inundated with calls day and night, seven days a week. They had dedicated plumbers and electricians working in the field, requiring constant availability. Initially, Håkan handled most of the incoming calls himself, wearing a headset to juggle work and phone calls. However, this approach began to pose challenges.

For Håkan, efficiency suffered when working and managing the phone simultaneously. For customers in dire need of immediate assistance, waiting in line was not an option. It became evident that a mobile PBX solution was essential to address this growing issue.

Håkan emphasizes, “Without an FMC PBX solution, it would have been impossible for us to continue. We often deal with contract customers facing urgent issues like water pouring out, and in such cases, immediate contact is vital. Customers cannot afford to wait for 30 minutes when their basement is flooding.”

John Ahlgren, account manager at Dstny Sweden, recalls that the primary challenge faced by Svanströms was dropped calls, especially incoming calls from new customers and orders from existing ones.

Having a mobile workforce, Svanströms needed to have more people manning the company number, making sure customers got through quickly.

FMC-natively mobile

A Work-From-Anywhere Mobile Solution

The solution
The answer to Svanströms’ communication conundrum was Dstny’s cloud based phone system and Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) product. This innovative solution allowed Svanströms’ staff to take their phone system with them, and be reachable regardless of if the customer was calling on a mobile number, landline number, or group number. With features like Automatic Call Distribution Groups (ACD Groups) and number prioritization, Svanströms could effectively manage their phone lines, ensuring that customers in urgent need were connected promptly and in the correct order. The solution also enabled them to honor agreements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), prioritizing critical cases and dedicated customers.

What does the customer say...

Our team has complete confidence in the Dstny products we use; they always work flawlessly. Since we also provide on-duty services for emergencies, we understand the critical importance of rapid assistance, which we achieve with Dstny. I feel very secure with the services we have from Dstny; they function impeccably.
Håkan Svanström - Operations manager
Svanströms El och VVS

The result - A Thriving Business, Accessible from Anywhere

Svanströms has established a thriving business in Stockholm, gaining a reputation for their expertise, exceptional customer service, and constant availability. Håkan attests, “Our operations have been seamless since the inception, and we wouldn’t have experienced such rapid growth without 24/7 accessibility through our mobile phones. It’s an integral part of our business.”

Having a shared company number that their staff could answer around the clock significantly reduced the workload, allowing Svanströms to expand their business rapidly.

Since implementation, Svanströms has grown their workforce to 50 employees, with 10 people out on site, at any given time. The ability to manage calls has allowed them to grow and capture new customers. And with the improved way of handling calls, this growth could happen without affecting existing customers negatively, making sure they keep customer satisfaction up.


Dstny Converge – Bringing FMC to Your Markets

In today’s business landscape, companies increasingly seek solutions that enhance employee mobility. Service providers that incorporate Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) into their portfolio not only strengthen their position in existing markets but also open up new business opportunities. Dstny has been a trusted provider of FMC solutions to service providers across Europe since 2006, ensuring reliability, stability, and security.

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