Providing Men in Need with Flexibility and Mobile Support

Founded in 1987, Mansjouren Stockholm is a dedicated non-profit organization committed to offering essential guidance and support to men facing life's diverse challenges. In the bustling city of Stockholm, Mansjouren serves as a trusted ally, fostering personal growth and resilience. They provide men with a listening ear and engaging conversations when they need it most.

As of 2022, Mansjouren received approximately 1200 calls on their helpline. Beyond their telephone service, they offer group sessions, individual counseling, and couples therapy within their Stockholm premises. Their goal is to assist as many men as possible, and this is where Dstny products have played a crucial role in achieving that objective.


The callenge

Meeting Growing Demands and Finding Dedicated Volunteers

Mansjouren faced a challenge in maintaining the mobility and flexibility of their volunteer team. Pelle Hasselgren, the Communications Manager, Volunteer, and Board Member at Mansjouren, explains, "Our volunteers were confined to a specific room with fixed landline phones for answering incoming calls. This setup placed significant demands on our volunteers' daily lives, making it challenging to find individuals who could commit their time."

Simultaneously, Mansjouren was experiencing steady growth, leading to an increasing volume of incoming calls. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand surged even further, necessitating extended operating hours.


The Solution

A Mobile-First Approach Empowering Volunteers from Anywhere

Recognizing the need for modernization, Mansjouren sought a solution that would address these challenges. Dstny's mobile cloud PBX emerged as the perfect fit. Their current setup involves a fixed landline connected to mobile extensions. Volunteers now have three time slots per day to handle calls, and Dstny's product enables them to answer calls from anywhere using a mobile app.

What does the customer say...

We appreciate the app. Previously, our volunteers were confined to a special room with fixed landline phones. With the app's help, volunteers can now take calls from anywhere," says Hasselgren. "Availability and flexibility are two pivotal factors in reaching as many people as possible.
Pelle Hasselgren - Communications Manager, Volunteer, and Board Member

The Result - Expanding Assistance to More Men in Need

With the new mobile solution in place, Mansjouren has been able to significantly increase their capacity to help men in need. Finding volunteers has become more accessible. Pelle remarks, "Now, it's relatively easy to recruit volunteers willing to contribute and take calls."

Additionally, thanks to the cloud-based PBX, Mansjouren can efficiently organize itself to manage calls from various regions across Sweden. They are currently planning to establish a branch in Malmö, extending their reach to men throughout the country. Pelle aptly notes, "The mobile phone knows no geographical boundaries."

Furthermore, the telephony solution plays a pivotal role in providing callers with information about their rights, protection, and available resources. When volunteers identify knowledge gaps regarding legal matters and rights, they can refer callers to law firms or family attorneys with whom Mansjouren have strong connections. This ensures that individuals reaching out to the helpline receive accurate information and assistance.


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