Why empowering a remote workforce is key for a successful business

The buzz around mobility and flexibility within the business landscape is hard to miss. And these aren't just catchy words, sounding good in a corporate Power Point; they're the driving forces behind a successful and thriving business. While there are numerous benefits to investing in tools that foster flexibility, this blog zeroes in on an central element — creating an environment that attracts and retains top-notch talent.


The heart of every business; Its people

A company is only as strong as its employees. To innovate, to grow, and to delight customers, you need the right people on board. It's a simple equation: attracting the right talent requires offering a workplace that aligns with what employees seek.


The rise of hybrid and remote work

“So what does the employees seek?”, you might ask.

Well, today's workforce has clear expectations — 62% of employees expect the flexibility to work remotely, and 65% express their desire to be full-time remote employees (source: Novoresume and Intuition).

And flexibility isn't just a preference; it's a loyalty driver. Most companies are painfully aware of the cost associated with finding and training new colleagues. Offering a hybrid or remote solution is a sure way to reduce that cost. Owl Labs reports that 80% of individuals would be more loyal to a company that embraces flexible work options. And numbers show that companies that is supporting remote work are enjoying a 25% lower employee turnover

Additionally, mental health has rightfully claimed a central role in today’s workplace. A staggering 80% of employees would consider switching to a company prioritizing their mental well-being.


Dispelling concerns - The numbers speak for them selves

Leaders and managers often voice concerns about reduced productivity when teams operate beyond the traditional office space — 82% of remote managers share this worry according to a Buffer survey. And a Gartner Inc. survey, asking CFO’s what their biggest concern when it comes to remote work, showed that 30% answered “maintaining the corporate culture”.

However, the numbers suggest these fears may be unfounded.

Financial gains await those embracing remote work. A Stanford survey reveals an average profit increase of $2,000 per remote worker for companies that allow remote work. Owl Labs adds another dimension, stating that 55% of employees work more hours when operating remotely.

Recruiters echo the sentiment. An impressive 64% of recruiters believe that having the flexibility to pitch a work-from-home policy significantly aids in attracting high-quality talent.


Bridging the gap: Tools for the modern workforce

While the benefits are evident, the missing piece for many companies is providing the right tools for a workforce thriving in a hybrid or remote setup.

Enter Dstny — the missing link.

With our suite of mobile-first cloud products, we empower companies to sustain innovation and collaboration effortlessly, irrespective of where their workforce is situated. With a mobile cloud PBX, collaboration tools and analytics products, managers can rest assured that their team doesn’t lose speed or connection to customers.

Unlocking success isn't just about profits and productivity; it's about creating a workplace that resonates with the expectations and needs of today's dynamic workforce. With Dstny, the future of work is not a distant vision — it's a tangible reality.


Want to know more about what Dstny has to offer in your country? Check out our local experts here.


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