What can I do after joining the Operator Connect marketplace?

After you have established yourself as part of the marketplace, continuing to provide an excellent product is paramount.

In this blog, we look at what needs to be considered once you have successfully been listed on the Microsoft Teams Operator Connect marketplace. This is the final in a series of blogs that take a look at the process for onboarding to Microsoft’s Operator Connect.

Maintaining Teams Operator Connect

It takes time and effort to set up Microsoft Teams Operator Connect, even with the help of an Accelerator partner. So you would not want to be in a position that means further time and resource is needed to maintain the offer. If you have chosen the right Accelerator partner they will be able to support and work to maintain the service going forward, bridging the gap between your service and Microsoft, and keeping ahead of changes needed.

Carrier Automate can help here

Carrier Automate is fully set up to handle your Operator Connect offering indefinitely.

We can provide all the security, technology, and support that you will need to be a successful part of Microsoft’s marketplace. You will be able to fully manage your  Microsoft Operator Connect service through the Carrier Automate portal.

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Selling through Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is an invaluable new route to market. So it is important to ensure you are optimizing any leads generated. You would not want to miss the opportunity for retaining customers, equally, you would want to seize the chance to gain new customers, growing your customer base with the growth of Teams.

Just listing your logo on the marketplace is not enough. You need to consider the back-end systems and processes that need to be in place to service the customer.


Carrier Automate can help here

Once you have joined the Operator Connect marketplace, the process for gaining seats is not automated. Potential customers can only use the Teams marketplace to get in touch. They will not be able to purchase straight from the Teams app.

We have developed an automated customer order process in our portal to help you rapidly realise revenue streams. Using the Carrier Automate portal, you can add or remove numbers, manage sales and manage lead generation. With us, all incoming enquiries can be managed easily so you don’t miss out on making connections.If you would rather fully develop your own offering, we can provide the APIs and infrastructure you will need to get it market ready. As you develop your own software and hardware you can continue to use Carrier Automate, ensuring that you maintain your position in the marketplace while you transition.

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Delivering a service beyond Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is only the beginning for Carrier Automate. Our goal is to encompass all BYOC solutions and activate voice services across multiple UCaaS. As part of this effort, carriers can add their offering to multiple UCaaS solutions alongside us; As well as Teams, we already enable voice in both Zoom and Webex calling, with more in the pipeline. We enable you to not only reach new markets, but also expand your own proposition and further guarantee operational resilience.

This post is part of a series! We can also help you discover what you should be doing at all parts of the Operator Connect journey.


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