Ride like a Pro – The Dstny and Efficy CEO-ride recap

A Recap of Our Memorable Day of Cycling and Networking at the Dstny and Efficy CEO-ride.

Last weekend we held a special event on a scorching summer day in Belgium, filled with camaraderie, cycling, and valuable connections. It was a opportunity to ride like a pro for a day together with Lotto Dstny riders and staff. Join us as we take a look back at the highlights of this unforgettable day!

The day began at 9:30 am at the Centrum Ronde Van Vlaanderen with a breakfast and a warm welcome with each guest getting a VIP goodiebag. Participants gathered, fuelling up and prepared for the ride, there was a  buzzing energy in the air of excitement. The venue was perfect for our event, it is a magical place for cycling enthusiasts with cycling jerseys and memorabilia hanging from every inch of the walls.

At 10:00 am, we kicked off the event with an engaging introduction by Chief Business Officer of Lotto Dstny, Yana. The presentation was filled valuable insights of the team’s season so far, something all participants found interesting.

Following Yana’s presentation, participants had a brief break to prepare for the 50km ride ahead. Cyclists geared up, made some last minute preparations, like filling the pockets with sports nutrition provided by the teams nutrition sponsor. In the VIP goodiebag there was some nice gifts like bottles and a pro cycling team jersey that participants could use during the ride.

At 11:00 am, the much-awaited ride began. The CEO-cyclists dressed in Lotto Dstny team jerseys embarked on the journey accompanied by some pros from the mens and woman’s team along with a team vehicle that had water for re-fills and sports nutrition like sports bars and gels to properly fuel during the very hot ride.

The scenic landscapes and the camaraderie among riders created a nice atmosphere and everyone enjoyed a pleasant ride on the historic Flemish cycling roads. There was two climbs along the route where the first one to the top was awarded a bottle of champagne and bragging rights. Chapeau to our well deserved winners!

After the ride, participants reconvened at 1:30 pm for a well-deserved (network) lunch. The event provided an ideal opportunity for cyclists to have a shower, refuel, and exchange stories from their shared experiences during the day.

As the participants enjoyed their lunch, Daan De Wever from Dstny and Cédric from Efficy said a couple of words about the day, thanking the participants and the team for organising a great event.

Our event was a success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of all attendees, the Lotto Dstny riders and staff that helped out and the spirit of camaraderie that present throughout the day. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the pro riders that joined us, Yana, Daan, Cédric, and all the participants who made this day a truly memorable experience. Here’s to more adventures, networking opportunities, and shared moments on and off the bike in the future!

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