Revolutionizing Communication: Exploring the Game-Changing Potential of FMC

Let’s face it, our mobile phones goes where we go. We use it to find our way, we use it to pay bills, we use it to keep in touch with loved ones, we use it as a flashlight and a camera. It acts as our alarm clock and there are apps to help us sleep. Most of us even bring it with us to the bathroom.

Why should our workday be any different?

More and more businesses see the value of switching up from traditional handset solution to mobile phones, using them either as stand-alone or as a supplement to a desk phone or a softphone.

Historically, there has been some downsides to this. Having two devices with two different numbers gave poor insight on how to reach that person. Imagine trying to call a user on their landline number, getting no answer, not knowing the recipient was busy in another call on their mobile phone. Or having only a mobile phone, using the same number both privately and professionally.

What is FMC?

Here’s where FMC steps in. FMC is short for Fixed Mobile Convergence and is a technology that allows seamless integration between a fixed number and a mobile number. And there are several benefits from this:

Unified line state and presence

With FMC, colleagues and customers will always know the user’s true availability. Both fixed and landline extension will know when the user is busy in a meeting. And if the user is busy in a call on of the extensions, the other will also show that line state.

Native dialer

With FMC, the user doesn’t need to use an app to make a PBX call through their mobile phone. They can simply use their native dialer in their mobile phone.

Place mobile calls showing business extension

A user can select what number should be shown on outgoing calls, regardless of what device is being used. If the user chooses to show their landline number, that number will be shown, even if the call is placed from their mobile phone, and vice versa. If the user has access to other numbers like group numbers, that number can also be selected.

Increased mobility

Providing FMC to end users will increase the mobility and flexibility of those users. Being able to be reached on any extension, regardless of location, goes well in hand with the new hybrid way of working.

Cost savings

Businesses can save money on hardware by adding FMC. Either providing only a mobile phone to the end user or using the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach, letting staff use their personal phones at work.

Improved communication

Making sure colleagues and customers always have correct information about a user’s availability is key for effective communication. No more forwarding calls to a colleague that appears to be available but is still in fact busy in a call in another extension.

As you can see, having FMC in place will bring major benefits for businesses. And there is some key drivers in the market, like mobile innovations, Microsoft Teams and, Work from anywhere, that is making more and more business ask for this type of solution.

Dstny Converge

Our FMC solution, Dstny Converge, will help expand your proposition as a Service Provider, letting you meet the increasing demand for mobility and flexibility. We provide a quick time to market and a seamless e-commerce journey that you can deliver to your customer.

At Dstny, we have over 20 years of experience in the field and we already power over 2.3 million mobile integrations.

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