Meet our new Destinian, Roma

A warm welcome to our new Destinian! His name is Hoang Phan but he usually goes by the name Roma. Roma is one of our newest colleagues at Dstny and is now a part of our internal technical support team, called ICT. Roma came to Sweden with his mother and younger sister in March and has been working at Dstny for only a week, but we are already impressed by his drive and enthusiasm. We are very happy to welcome him into the Dstny family.

Name: Hoang Phan
Age: 23
From: Kyiv, Ukraine
Nickname: Roma, my gamer nickname is Taurus17
Department: ICT
Role: ICT support technician


Four quick questions

 PC or Mac? – Mac
Winter or summer? – Summer
Coffee or tea? – Tea (my favorite is Pu’er, a black Chinese tea)
Text message or email? – Texts


About Roma

My name is Roma, and I’m 23 years old. I recently moved to Sweden, with my mother and younger sister, due to the war in my country. I came here in March, after a long journey from Ukraine, via Poland, Germany, Denmark, back to Germany again and lastly Sweden. I’m really grateful for the help I’ve gotten these past months and now that I’ve found this new job at Dstny and I’m looking forward to making myself useful in this country.

Back in Ukraine, I loved to go to different cafés and restaurant with my friends and rate them. We all had to come up with different places to go to. Now that my girlfriend is in Sweden, and I’ll soon get my fist paycheck, we can start exploring restaurants in Sweden too.

I also like playing board games. My favorite game is Dixit, a card game with images. The players select cards that match a title hinted by the “storyteller” and attempt to guess which card was selected.

I speak four languages: Ukrainian, English, Vietnamese and Russian. I know some German too and now I’m starting to learn some Swedish as well.

How has your first days at Dstny been?

Well, starting a new job, there is always a lot of new faces and a lot of new names to learn. I usually learn names really fast though, so I think it will be alright. 🙂

Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. In Ukraine, it’s more hierarchic where you treat your bosses a bit different from your closest colleagues, but here everyone treats everyone the same, it doesn’t matter what role you have.

My closest colleague is Raphael, he is situated at the same office as me, in Stockholm, so he has been helping me a lot. I also had a lot of Teams-meetings with my other colleagues, in other countries, where they help me learn the new routines.

What will your role include?

Me and my team’s job is to help our colleagues in their workday, so that everything operates as smooth as possible, this way we can all focus on reaching the company goals together.

I will do internal technical support. If someone has problems with their computer, phone, headset, and so on, they can contact our team. We also work with innovation, trying to simplify things. For example, the other day we put up QR-codes to help visitors to access our Wi-Fi, making it easy to get up-and-running when they come to the office.

There are a lot of new things for me to learn, both in my new job and in this country as well, so I’m really looking forward to getting into it all, as soon as possible.

What do you think will be your biggest challenge?

The first challenge is to understand the business, what we are selling. Dstny is a new company that is built from several different companies, all with different offerings and customers. I think that if you want to be good at your job, you need to treat the company as your own. So, for me it’s important to feel that I really know our company, our customers and their needs, even though it is internal support I will be focusing on.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Before I found this job, I was really looking for a way to start living a normal life again. All my friends are still in Ukraine. I left most of my things there. And you never know what is coming next. Working here gives me both the opportunity to start “a new normal”. Also, it creates a good opportunity for my future, this being my second job in life.

I dream of becoming a product manager, and this job helps me along the way. To see how we are developing out products, what should we do in the future, what should we avoid, all this gives me a good knowledge base. When I can go back to Ukraine, maybe I can continue to work with Dstny remotely, and continue to grow within the organization.

Jonas Klang, Head of people & Culture

“We are happy to get such an eager and ambitious person to the Dstny family, where he for sure will contribute and be a crucial part of our future growth. And of course, it feels a bit extra in my heart that we as a company can do something in this situation with Ukraine.” says Jonas Klang, Head of People & Culture at Dstny.


What is a Destinian?
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