Cloud Connections 2023 – five key-takeaways

So, last week it was finally time for Mattias Ohde and myself to head over to Fort Lauderdale in Florida for the annual Cloud Connections, hosted by Cloud Communications Alliance. With the last years cancelled events the anticipation was high for this one! What I can say is that we really had an enjoyable time with great weather, interesting speakers and some great new connections to work further with after coming home to a slightly
colder and greyer Sweden.

Apart from a lot of interesting talks regarding the business and the way forward for Unified Communications, we also had the pleasure to hear some extremely exciting future insights from the futurist Thomas Frey. Did you for example know that we’re probably not more than 6-7 years away from having drone taxis?!

However, thinking back on the days in Fort Lauderdale, I have five key-takeaways I brought home. Do you agree with them? Let me know in the comments!

1 Co-operation is key

No one will be able to master everything by them selves. Focus on your own strengths and team up with the right partners to deliver world class products. At Dstny we can provide you with all the tools you will need to succeed in the UCaaS Business!

2 Collaboration isn’t key for everyone

According to Cavell, not all business segments put top prioritization on collaboration. SMB’s will put more focus and effort on enhanced customer service, over the next three years. Midsized businesses will also prioritize the enablement of remote work. It is mostly the large enterprises that put collaboration on the top of the prioritization list, according to the analysts on Cavell.

3 Marketing is at a crossroad

Social media is getting an increasingly larger part of our lives, something that also effects purchasing decisions. Future buyers are made up of Millennials and the Gen Z generation. Social media can both make or break you. According to Clark Peterson at Cloud Communications Alliance, 74% of customers allow social media proof to influence their buying decisions!

4 Watch out for Microsoft

Microsoft is a shark and it will always be a risk to swim with sharks. You will need a strategy to co-exist with Microsoft or you might get eaten up! Teaming up with Dstny – we can provide you with both Direct Routing as well as Operator Connect and other smart integrations. Everything as a Service, of course!

5 The future is cloud

True mobility for users and ability to integrate will determine many companies future. If we go back to Millennials and Gen Z again – they already do everything with their mobile phone. If it’s not Facebook and Instagram, it’s most definitely Snapchat and TikTok. Why not bring your business solutions to where the future buyers already are?


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