Celebrating two years of our Billing Management Portal

Two years ago, Dstny introduced our Billing Management Portal, or BMP as we often call it. This carrier grade billing system is designed to simplify the quoting, administration, and billing processes for our Service Providers.

And it has been a great success. In these two years we have been able to provide accurate and efficient billing together with user-friendly management of services that are often quite complex to handle.

“We are very proud of what we achieved when building this portal” says Kristian Karlsson, Product Manager of the BMP. “Handling the complexity of managing and billing these types of services while providing a user-friendly interface can definitely be challenging, but we think we succeeded well in doing so. And of course, we are continuously improving the portal, making it even smarter and more efficient all the time.”

And the numbers speak for themselves;

In the two years since the BMP was released, we have proudly delivered 110,595 invoices and provisioned 17,002 mobile subscriptions.

The portal has also facilitated 16,694 number portings, making sure our customers can keep their phone numbers even when they switch providers.

In addition to that, the portal has mediated and calculated a whopping 107,383,432 phone calls, 1,647,505 messages, 19,209 premium calls and 1,759,672 GB data!

One of the key benefits of our BMP service is the streamlining of the billing process, saving time from manual labor, making sure customers get accurate invoices to their often complex services. The portal also simplified routing and number management, while at the same time facilitating agreement and contracting processes.

As we are celebrating the Billing Management Portal turning two years, we are proud of what we have achieved. The portal has served not only us, but also our Partners and Service Providers. We are looking forward to continuing the development of the portal, making sure our partners get the most out of the services we provide.

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