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About us

We at Dstny are a European leader and innovator in secure cloud communications, based on our powerful UCaaS offer and technology. Over 2 million business users are empowered to communicate, collaborate, and provide excellent customer service with our tools at hand. We enable service providers, partners, and end-users as well as 3rd party services to thrive in our ecosystem. With headquarters in Brussels, we have more than 700 employees in 7 European countries and an annual turnover of close to €190 million in 2021.

We are committed to the future

When we talk about Business Communications today and tomorrow, we put a lot of emphasis on tomorrow. If you want to create communication tools for the future, you better make sure there is a future to communicate in. We are committed in everything we do, and that extends to caring for tomorrow. That is why we make sure to make careful considerations when making choices that impact the world around us. Traveling less, choosing environmentally friendly supplies, and donating to the right causes are some of the things we do to make sure we do our part.

Green Cloud

Green Cloud

Because our UCaaS offer and our systems are cloud native, we are green by design.



We want to contribute to our society as a responsible company and positively impact beyond our products and services.

Save CO2

Save CO2

By reducing travel, and at the same time make smart choices regarding our offices, we can save CO2.

Sustainable culture

Kind, inspirational and innovative

A corporate culture also needs to be sustainable. A sustainable culture leads to employees thriving, developing, and moving the company in the right direction.

Our corporate culture is based on kindness, inspiration, and innovation. We value personal development, and we give our employees the opportunity to shape their own role and work situation. We are proud of our corporate culture and strive to make it even better!

Our local offices

On an international level, we focus on a UCaaS offer towards Service Providers. If you are an end-user company, wondering about what we can do for you and your colleagues, please visit our local websites.