Integrated Mobility

True mobility – natively mobile

Make people’s workdays truly mobile, with a communication system, that is integrated, directly into the mobile phone. Mobility without forgoing quality or functionality.


Fixed Mobile Unification

Without FMU, your mobile number and your landline number would be two stand-alone extensions in the business communication system. If you are busy talking on the mobile phone, calls would still go through to your landline, and vice versa.

With FMU, you can have both a mobile number and fixed number, simultaneously connected to the business communications system. They will both ring, regardless of which number was called, and both will know what your true line state and presence are.

I’m going out for lunch, but I’m taking the PBX with me

With Fixed Mobile Unification, you can be available in the office phone system, even when you are out and about.
True presence and linestate

True presence and linestate

Regardless of if you are using a mobile phone, a web phone, a Softphone or a desk phone, you will get the true linestate and presence of your colleagues. If you call their mobile number, but they are busy talking on their landline number, you hear that the person is busy in another call. And regardless of what device you use, you will know what presence the colleague is set to.

Balance between business and private life

Chose if you want to show your landline number or your mobile number when making a call. Ideal to keep your professional calls separated from your private calls.

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