Digital enablers

Our digital enablers

The Dstny Digital Enablers, empowers Service Providers to harmonize, synchronize and integrate Dstny products and solutions.


ConnectMe is the single entry-point interface for the end-user to reach the services provided through Dstny.



Our Service Management Portal is our multi-tier enabler, helping Service Providers, their partners and the end-customers manage users, services and companies, in one interface.



For billing customers and managing data, we have our Billing Management Portal. Number management and routing are also a part of the features provided in this portal.



Simplifies the lives of the end-users

Delight your end-users with one single point of entry to their Dstny Powered products. With a fully brandable interface and meticulous attention to user-friendliness, ConnectMe will not only serve the needs of today, but also the future.

The benefits of ConnectMe

Fully brandable interface

Fully brandable interface

Make ConnectMe a seamless part of your proposition, following your brand.

Fast, reliable and secure

Fast, reliable and secure

It runs immediately and is always “on”, based on the best cloud-based technology.

Continuous evolution

Continuous evolution

Built for easy integration and brings regular updates, future-proofing your proposition.

A flexible product

A flexible product

Work from anywhere, on any device

Let your end-customers work from a mobile app, a tablet, a desktop app or why not directly in the web browser. ConnectMe is built to delight your users and create stickiness, making sure your customers can grow and evolve within the product.

Key features of ConnectMe

Agent view

For companies with ACD Groups, it is easy for both agents and supervisors to manage these, in ConnectMe.


We have integrated our powerful analytics functionality for end-user admins directly into the ConnectMe interface, revolutionizing the way our users gain valuable insights.


Handle calls, both inbound and outbound, through the intuitive and WCAG compliant interface. Of course, with high sound quality, regardless of what device is being used.


With ConnectMe, end-users don’t need to use other interfaces to communicate and collaborate with piers. Chat, directly from the interface.


Broaden you proposition by providing an Omnichannel product to your market. Agents can monitor and handle incoming chats from channels such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or a webpage.



Service Management Portal

SMP is our fully brandable, multi-tier portal for handling resellers, end-customer companies and end-users. From this portal, you as a Service Provider can manage the entire Dstny eco-system, in a time-effective and intuitive way.

The benefits of SMP

Simplifies the lives of the delivery teams by providing a smoother and quicker way to onboard new customer.

Simplifies the lives of the support teams by providing a smoother and quicker way to manage end-customers.

Broadens recruitment pool by taking away needs for complex technical knowledge and shortens employee onboarding time.

Visualizes the solution and the value of the solution for the end-customer, reducing support demands and creates stickiness​.

Creates a possibility to increase reseller loyalty and the possibility to upsell by providing a completely digital journey.

Multi-teir portal

Service Providers can handle Resellers, Resellesr can handle end-customers, end-customer admins can handle users, all in one user-friendly interface.
Service Providers

Service Providers

Create organizations and Resellers, administrate commercial offerings, provision and upsell add-ons, support customer and resellers.



Onboard and support new customers, while at the same time developing existing customer accounts with digital up-sales.



Delight end-customers with a user-friendly interface to manage their service and users, built to continuously be improved and adopted to chaining customer needs.



Billing Management Portal

In BMP, Service Providers can manage data about their customers billing. Here you can structure billing for customers, manage charges on an organizational level, cost allocation level or a subscription level. The portal allows you to manage contract prices and traffic price lists, and store customer specific documents.

Traffic Mediation

BMP is collecting traffic from different sources in order to perform traffic mediation. The traffic is continuously fetched through integrations points. Traffic mediation combines the traffic with the customers, subscriptions and price lists in BMP to perform the mediation. ​

The actual mediation contains a quite complex ruleset in order to fulfill all the different variations of pricing that is needed to be supported. For instance, some end-customers can have different subscription types, where some will have fixed prices, some have a maximum cost per month and others pay for each call. ​

The implementation of the traffic mediation is layered so that it is possible to reuse the mediation rulesets and concepts for new traffic sources in a relatively simple way.



The invoices are calculated from the products that have been added to a customer or a subscription on the customer and the traffic related to the subscriptions.  

The following types can be invoiced 


This type is used for things like top-up, consultancy fees etc. 


Recurring costs related to the customer or subscription. Examples can be license fees, monthly data amount, add-on products. 

Max Cost

Some subscriptions have a variable cost up to a max, and then all national calls and SMS are free of charge.


These products have a minimum cost on a subscription. If the variable cost is lower than this product states, then there will be a fee to fill up the cost for the subscription to the minimum.


This is a cost charged per invoice generated.

Product Markup

These products are used to set a percent cost of a group of other products. It’s being used for support cost which currently is 10% of the cost of a set of products.

Per Sim

Here you can charge a cost per sim allocated to that customer/wholesale.

Per Number

Cost per fix number allocated to that customer/wholesale.

Per Mobile Subscription

Cost per mobile subscription on that customer/wholesale.

Per Customer

Cost per customer under this customer/wholesale.

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