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CPaaS: How a Smart Service Management Portal Can Put Your Customers in Complete Control

You have to hand it to the portal. Of all the recent technological innovations aimed at digitally transforming the way business works, it has to be up there with the big disruptors. It seems our insatiable workplace hunger for the simple, the quick and the efficient has intensified in tandem with the increasingly convenient and instantly-gratifying functionality of our personal devices. Everything connected. Everything in one place. The world in the palm of our hands, so to speak.

Chatbots: How Customisation and Automation are Boosting the Service Provider Offering

Brand identity: surely it’s an organisation’s biggest asset? The trading name, the logo, the look and feel; they all combine to deliver subtle but important key sales messages. Much more than simply informing the world what organisations do or sell; they project their energy, tone and personality. They reassure all those with whom organisations interact that they are established, familiar, trusted. And that’s precisely why – at EVERY opportunity – smart organisations put their brand front and centre.