All companies should have an AI bot as a colleague

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Customer Experience is everything! Okey, well not everything. But it is a big part of the reason why a customer chooses to become your customer in the first place, and an even bigger part of why they stay with your company, instead of going to a … Continue

Dstny Hackathon – passion and speed of innovation

What would happen if we put colleagues from 3 different countries and 7 different teams together and let them be as creative as they can over a 48-hour period? Well, apparently a lot! The numbers 3 days together 48 hours to work 42 people From 3 countries Divided into 7 teams 9 started projects Dstny … Continue

Get to know Jonas Klang – Head of People & Culture

Jonas Klang is 46 years old, has 2 kids, and lives in Mölnycke, Sweden. He loves running, shoes, ties, while also being engaged in his kids different sports activities. He has a background in finance from university and has worked a lot within customer service, sales and finance. During the last 8 years he has … Continue

The future IoT trends to keep track of in 2022

In a connected world, one would think that the Pandemic would have seized power from the development of IoT as we were adamant about social distancing. However, IoT actually saw a boom in different fields relating to the pandemic, such as enabling remote work and safe methods in healthcare. Therefore, we thought that it would … Continue