Cloud Connections 2023 – five key-takeaways

So, last week it was finally time for Mattias Ohde and myself to head over to Fort Lauderdale in Florida for the annual Cloud Connections, hosted by Cloud Communications Alliance. With the last years cancelled events the anticipation was high for this one! What I can say is that we really had an enjoyable time … Continue

FAQ-Bot adds new integration – Instagram

As social media continues to play a crucial part in how companies interact with their customers, it’s more important than ever to have a strong presence on these platforms. FAQ-Bot first got its popularity because of its swift and accurate way to answer customers questions on companies’ web pages. But over time, the service has … Continue

2022 – A year of Dstny

This year is slowly coming to an end, and what a year it has been! On the 24th of February this year, we launched the new Dstny brand. A brand to symbolize the unification of several forward-thinking companies within the Business Communications market. Dstny is a brand defined by commitment and innovation, to show that … Continue

What is Operator Connect?

There has been a lot of talk about Operator Connect lately, and for those who are active in any communication business, it has almost become a buzz word. But there still seem to be some uncertainties out there about what it is what benefits it provides to the end user. So, I thought I’d explain … Continue

Self-service – why you simply cannot overlook it

When I think about self-service I picture an angry mob, walking around with placards yelling: “What do we want?! More self-service! When do we want it?! NOW!” Okey, okey, I might be over exaggerating now, but we see a rapidly increasing demand for self-service, and it’s growing all the time. And users have gone from … Continue

Create an amazing CX strategy – 7 things to keep in mind

Why should you have a Customer Experience strategy at all? Well, in a market environment that’s more and more consolidated, standing out on customer experience is crucial. And even if you have a great service or product, business won’t be good if the customer experience is not up to par. A customer experience strategy should … Continue