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How to Put the Full Power of UCaaS Functionality into the Hands of the Remote Workforce

“Hold the line caller, I’m transferring you to…anywhere you want!” Not the official script? Well, for smart organisations it may as well be. For them, the notion of their employees being in when they’re out, is an actual reality. Thanks to the clever convergence of fixed and mobile telephony, voice calls to every employee – whether in the office, out in the field, or simply working from anywhere – are re-routed seamlessly. The mobile SIM card has become the fixed line extension…and now everyone everywhere can take a call whenever they are needed.

Dstny Launches ‘Cutting Edge’ FMC Offering

Dstny has launched a fixed mobile convergence (FMC) offering to bridge the gap between unified communications platforms and mobile devices. Dstny Converge gives service providers the power to integrate voice services with a device’s native dialler, meaning users don’t have to switch between apps.

Dstny launches ground-breaking platform – omnichannel in focus

Now the cloud service provider Dstny Sweden is launching its new communication tool that takes the next step in the development of the telecom industry. Today, both small and large companies use several different channels to communicate both externally and internally. With an omnichannel solution, all of these are gathered in one and the same place in order to facilitate business communication and everyday work for everyone.

Customer Engagement: How the FAQ is Helping Brands Build Richer Relationships

Customer service can be a complicated business. In today’s always-on, omni-channel world, interactions occur at any time, on any device, and via any channel. Those channels are multiple too. Email, SMS, webchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp. To score highly on the C-SAT front, enterprises need to provide the right responses, and fast. In many cases – although not all – automation is key.